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Here`s the story, sick and tired with my littlest son trying to play with my beloved pc, I`ve found an old iMac g3 350 with 320 mb of RAM and a 20 gigs HDD, so, my question is, where can I find some games for this? I`ll prefer something not that violent, we are all Rugby players at home (myself, my older son, my daughter and of course the young one too) so the voilent part of life we`ve got it covered... also, as I live in a place away from any civilization I`ll need software that I can "get" from the internet, also, I need the soft can`t be too heavy, `cause the internet here s*cks, so, my friends if you can give me any help or suggestions, (by the way I couldn`t find any virtual pc for me to install a win on it, so I could install the pc games he`s got...) I`m gonna be incredibly grateful
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  1. What OS is it running?
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