gts, msi 645ultra conflict

problem description:
my asus v7700 sreis geforce 2 GTS (200/333) is causing glitches and corrupted deformed nonsense textures (look like spikes or sharp shapes) in d3d games and cause soft colored spots in open gl games and colored pixels in windows xp desktop .

after so many trials to solve the problem ..i didn't succeed so i decided to try my GTS on another pc and it worked just fine ,,, not a single glitch just perfect ..and i also trried another video card on my pc which is Geforce 2 mx400 64 mb by msi and it worked just fine ,, and didn't do any of these glitches ,,, so it's obvious that there is some sort of hardware conflict between my pc and the GTS ..i don't know ,,just help me if u can ,,, i am very disappointed ,, what shall i do ,, here is some extra info about my pc and the other pc

my pc (the one that causes the problem)
MSI 645 ultra DDR333 (chipset sis961) (motherboard)(2002)
256 MB pc2700 corsair (cl2 capable-333mhz ) (2002)
asus v7700 series geforce 2 gts 32mb pure (2000)
pentuim 4 1.8 ghz 256 kb cach
(bios defaults and performance defaults are loaded and didn't solve the problem )

the other pc (the one that worked just fine)
gigabyte for pentium 4 socket 423 (onboard sound) intel chipset
256 mb pc133
msi geforce 2 mx400 64mb tv/out

conclusion : the GTS is not defected but it only acts very bad on my PC what do u think ...what could be wrong in my pc is it the fast memory ??? is it the motherboared ?? please help

the symptoms casued by the GTS are most likely due to clock speed ,video memory speed or overclocking issues ,,, and non of these is available i even tried to underclock the video card core and memory to values below the stock clock .. and it didn't solve the problem ..tried so many detenator drivers from guru3d .. still nothing is solved , patches for windows xp pro and even updating the motherboared bios to 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 and nothing happened ,,
please help me
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  1. Check your 3.3v voltage and make sure it's high enough. Try raising it to 3.5v if available.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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