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Hi all. Running XP Home and discovered the system restore calendar is missing. I had installed motherboard manager 5, and was running a benchmark to watch the cpu temps under load, when the system froze completely. After hitting reset button, I had an error message upon bootup and then noticed MBM5 wouldn't run again. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, still got an error. That is when I had decided to see if there had been a restore point from before installing MBM, and noticed the calendar was missing. I don't know if this just happened or had been that way for a while. I tried this fix <A HREF="http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q313853" target="_new">http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q313853</A> but still can't get the calendar to display. I manually checked all reg keys mentioned and all looks good. I also used this <A HREF="http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_sysrestore_blank.htm" target="_new">http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_sysrestore_blank.htm</A>. It says the registry is fine, but the calendar is still missing. Yes the system restore function is turned on.

Has anyone got an idea on what is missing or wrong? Thanks.

System is a ECS K7S5A/ XP1600+ / Win XP Home.

ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
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  1. Do a XP repair instal.

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  2. Yeah I was hoping to avoid that for now as the system isn't mine, and is/has been very stable except for my MBM5 lockup. I ghosted the HDD image onto a spare drive and then got brave enough to try some more.

    Turns out I needed to disable and then re-enable Windows system restore. Doing so lost the old restore points, that's why I wanted to backup the drive image first.

    This fixed the calendar, but it seems that it is Norton systemworks 2003 pro that was giving me the problems. When it scans the registry during the one button checkup, it finds one reg error.

    "the file extension .htc refers to an invalid program identifier htcfile"

    Yet if I tell it to fix this, it deletes the entry and my calendar gets blanked out. So disabling/enabling system restore fixed the problem but lost the old restore points. And telling systemworks to ignore that one entry when it weekly scans/fixes the registry, allows system restore to keep working.

    Odd, because on my own machines, I also have Systemworks2003 pro running and system restore works fine. Maybe it's from an upgrade path, or from having multiple users accounts on this machine, not sure? System restore has never been used on this machine as no issues or instability had ever occured. Again, I can't say why, but that seems to be how the problem started.

    ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
  3. Lots of people swear by Norton...I seem to just swear at it..heh heh.. Norton seems to embed itself too deeply into the OS that it is almost impossible to get rid of short of a reformat...at least that was my experience with it in the wife's and daughter's WinME systems, never let it near my XP Pro...:)

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  4. Norton has stuffed up a lot of PC's.

    This is one brand of software I would not purchase!

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