P4T533-C and Kingston PC1066

Has anyone else had success running a P4T533-C with Kingston PC1066 memorry? I get a posting error (long beeps in endless loop) that indicates a memory problem. When I shut down the machine, I cannot reboot by hitting the power button the first time. It just hangs and I get no video display. After I shut down hard I hit the power button again and everything seems fine!

Please, anyone successfully using this configuration let me know. I would like to know what your settings are.

Thanks, Fritz
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  1. I think you may have bad RAM, I've seen about half the owners say it works and half say it doesn't. Since it takes two RIMMS to make the board work, chances are good that only one module is bad. Being a new memory type, this rate of defects is pretty bad but at least understandable to some degree.

    Another thing you might want to check is whether or not you have the latest BIOS for that board.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. I GOT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!

    I fixed the problem with the boot up that I had made reference to in this and other posts, and also found out some things I think other Asus users may want to hear.

    I ran a SIS Sandra benchmark on my memory and found that it was only running at 800MHz! This gave me a max throughput of only 3.4-3.6Gig/s (can't remember) and slowed down everything obviously. I had the setting in the motherboard's BIOS at the default 2.53GHz........THIS IS WRONG!

    Set it first to manual, then adjust the CPU/PCI bus to 133/33. I reran the Sandra benchmark and I was getting 1072MHz on my memory.......finally. And guess what.....this is the best part.......my damn machine would reboot after being shut down.......THE FIRST TIME! Who knew? This was an issue I had mentioned in several other posts in my fury to get it resolved.

    Anyway, don't rely on the default CPU setting that Asus has chosen for us.........the possible default choices are 2.53, 1.90, and Manual. Choose Manual and set it yourself to get the correct bus and memory speeds (133/33).

    I also ran 3DMark2001SE Pro and got a 8707 as opposed to the 8501 I had previously. Still crappy but now I can head off to Tweak3D and get a tweakin' without the fear of an underlying hardware issue.

    So I guess Kingston is Ok to run in these boards afterall......just make sure you don't kill yourself trying to get it to work like I almost did.

    Thanks to all who posted with suggestions.........BiPolarBill.......you were right that it was a prepost issue.

    Have a good one!

  3. I wonder if anyone OC'd Kingston 800MHZ memory to 1066 :)
    I can't wait to get my P4-2.26 soon, hopefuly by Thursday, i want to OC that sucka.
  4. Did you get the P4 2.26? How has the oc gone? I am thinking of going with this set up my self. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...Jeff
  5. I ordered a p4t533 / 2.26 p4 / kingston 128 x2 1066 today.

    It looks like I have the same setup as you, so I might expect the same problems.

    Has your solution worked out so far?
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