Half Life 2 and XBOX 360 Controller

I am trying to get my XBOX 360 controller to work with HL2. I can't get both analog sticks to work at the same time. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You're playing an FPS on a PC with a gamepad? 8O

    Seriously, try using keyboard and mouse. It might feel weird if you're not used to it, but it really is a lot better.
  2. No I think he means on his xbox 360.

    Maybe the game doesnt support both alalog sticks at once?
  3. I'm trying to get it to work on the pc. I can only get 1 stick or the other to work, not both at the same time. Buttons work though.
  4. i had the same problem. i checked the steam forums and found :arrow: this article on how to make both analog sticks work in Source games. hope this helps. :)
  5. THANK YOU!!!! I spent weeks trying to fix this. I can't believe it was at steam the whole time. THANKS ALOT!!!!!
  6. my xbox remote wont work with any of my steam games but it works when i callibrated it, could some one help
  7. I did what the link said. when i start the game my right stick its in its centred position but the view spins as if you where holding it to the left. what can i do to fix this
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