Gaming mice?

Anybody know of any good ones? Not too much over the £30/$30 limit would help.

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  1. im using a logitech cordless mx 700 and it seams to do its job well it came in a wireles keyboard/mouse bundle it did cost 90$ if i remember it well but that was about 2 years ago, in my opinion all logitech laser mice are good, never has a lightest issue with it (i always have 3 pairs of rechargable AA bateries charged, separately thou, even thou it came with a charger..usualy 1 15 minute charge on the charging station lasts about 2 days of using, or sometimes even 3, but it depends on the usage), and i like the fact that there is no cord, so i can go even to the next room and use the mouse (when i have my pc hucked up to the tv in the next room :wink:
  2. well my man...goto and check out their mice, some pretty good deals but heres the one i recommend from there is the sunbeam sensorX its a $16 mouse, $20 after shipping for me atleast..i use the sensorX myself and let me tell you i love it, exactally like the razer diamond back but insanely cheap, no side buttons and the you can change DPI from 650 to 1200 with a little switch thats on the bottom of the mouse...i defenitally recommend you pick it up i love the thing to death and probably wont buy another $60 mouse again.
  3. i like my mouse, its precise, has butons on the side which are honestly a huge help while online browsing, and it has 3 more butons by the scrol wheel(which is also a buton), and besides its quite confortable to use, never had any pain in the wrist even after the whole day of using it.
  4. It depends on what games you play and what buttons you need/use. I personally like Logitech products. The MX518 is getting a little old now, but is a solid choice and you can get a pretty good deal online at I think it's $40 after rebate.

    I play FPS and need side buttons that I set up to lean left and right. I have a MX310 and like it, and have tried the G5 which is a pretty good mouse. I'm waiting for the G3 to hit the stores, but it's a bit pricey for what you want ($60).
  5. Cheers for the helpfull replys guys, I'm after a fps mouse and Im likin the look of this one at the mo:

    Checking for UK prices on it, though im really just after a mouse that has decent sensitivity and has side buttons (usefull for the leaning ability some games offer and for me the quick change of weapons)
  6. I'm not too much into the leaning but I still like the side buttons for reload and hot swapping to the grenade.

    The G5 is a great mouse but I think you'll find it's out of your price range, the mx518 is a good substitute.
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