P4 System Please Help

I would like to build a system but am not sure about some of the components (Esp Mobo & Mem). I would especially like to know where any bottlenecks of this proposed system are. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Chip - Pentium 4 (1.8, 2.0, or 2.2 MHZ)
Mobo - Soyo or Asus (I do not know which brand / board to choose)
Memory - NON-ECC DDR 266 or 333 MHZ Samsung
Video Card - Geforce TI (4200, 4400, or 4600) AGP 128MB
TV tuner - TV Wonder VE NTSC
Hard Drive - Western Digital 120GB 7200 RPM w/ 8MB Cache
DVD - SCSI DVD-ROM (I already have a PCI card)
CD Burner - I already have a TEAC 8 X 16 X 32
Power Supply - 400W
OS - Windows XP Professional
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  1. I'm assuming you'll be overclocking? (Based on the components chosen)

    Go with a 1.8A and the Ti4200. The Gainward 128MB is only $200 at Newegg.

    Make sure it's a good brand PSU, the brand is much more important than the wattage.

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  2. Get the 1.8GHz P4. Get the Asus P4S533 and get 333MHz Samsung DDR RAM. Make sure it's authentic Samsung RAM not a stick with Samsung chips.

    You'll probably be able to get that system to run at 2.4GHz and run the RAM at 400MHz with best timing. It'll still be slightly below a PC1066 system but it'll be a lot cheaper.

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  3. Thanks for your help.

    How good are the instructions that come with the ASUS P4S533? This is the first computer that I am trying to build myself. My biggest concern with my inexperience is installing the BIOS and OS. If the instructions are limited, what is the best source of information for this Mobo / BIOS on the intenet?

    How can I tell if the Samsung Ram is authentic? If I order the Ram online, what description should I look for?

    I can pick up a Geforce TI 4200 at Best Buy for $180.00 if I buy it today. Would the 4400 or 4600 be worth the extra money for the chip, Mobo, and memory suggested by AMD_Man?

    If I bought the TI 4600 would I still need a TV Tuner if I want TV in and out at the same time (I am pretty sure that the TI 4200 does not do both at the same time)?

    What brand of PSU would you suggest?

    I have a 350W power supply from my last computer (bought three years ago)? I have been using it for a system with three hard drives, SCSI CD-Rom and a IDE CD-RW (originally it had a SCSI CD-R). If I want to add a second case fan to the new system but only plan on using the one Western Digital hard drive, do I really need a new PSU?

    The sound card I have now is Soundblaster Live Value. If I hook the new computer up to my stereo and TV, will an Audigy card be a major improvement. If so, which card would you recommend?

    I plan to use the system for gaming, video editing, downloaing & burning MP3s and movies, and for MS office. Do you have any other suggestions for improving the performance of this system without a major increase in cost?

    Thanks again for all of your help
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