Game Review: Hitman: Blood Money

Agent 47 is back with Hitman: Blood Money, and this time he\'s headed to Las Vegas, New Orleans and other colorful locations to take out a few marks. Will 47 make a killing, or will the latest title in the Hitman series just be a series of bloody, boring contracts? Aaron McKenna gets behind the trigger to find out.

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  1. I can only recommend it; And for once the replayability is really great.
  2. There's nothing like pushing people off of a cliff, disposing of bodies in a ship's boiler or in a garbage truck (seriously, I killed innocents just to hear their bones crush).

    Apparently I have a "certain moral flexability".
  3. All i have to say is that this game is GREAT! I loved the article because it really hit RIGHT ON. It puts killing into a very light hearted frame of mind. However, the open ended characteristics of this game MADE IT SOOOOO MUCH FUN! I played Hitman II and i think that this is a much better game. The list of things that you can do to people is staggering, from stabing people with screw drivers to cutting peoples spinal cords with pruning scheers. I must say that if your really into strategy games and like to have a little bit of fun killing people 10 different ways, then i think that you'll really enjoy this game. I haven't finished it yet, but i guess thats because I keep on wanting to replay missions over and over again for the sake of finding more ways of killing my targets. Oh and by the way, the newpaper that comes up after every mission is totally Great to the whole thing ... every article implies something related to where you are in the game and where the game is going. So if you do get the game be sure to read the whole Newspaper. GREAT ARTICLE! 8O 8O :D
  4. I've always loved the hitmans, in fact I played through the first 3 before loading this one up just to get in the mood. It really made me see how much better it was; and the original 3 were already great!

    Other than Dues Ex I'd say this is my favorite series of current (last 5-7 years) games.
  5. Awesome replayability. There are several categories of your skill and other than a couple of levels, it's possible to kill ONLY the target(s) and nothing else - no witnesses, no clue. Or you can go in shooting.

    What I like about it is that unlike most FPS games, the weapons are realistic. I'd love to see a version of Halflife where you could use items like this, for instance. Dozens of small arms, improvised weapons - like the aforementioned shears and a nailgun(which confuses the press to no end!) No bullet holes. :)

    Also, the weapons are useful. There are several that you try hard to get and keep in the game, like a silenced pistol and the nailgun - they make the next levels much more interesting and fun.

    Then there's the nine hundred ways to kill people by making it look like an accident. It almost makes me a bit wary - there are so many ways to get killed in most houses. Heh. There are a couple of ways to kill people in the game that are spectacular enough that you end up trying to get in a position to see it happen. The previous games didn't have this.

    And then there's the easter eggs. People say or do things sometimes in raction to what you are doing - including a several of them who create nasty surprizes for you.

    My only gripes are that the AI is slow-witted and the requirements are brutal. It's MUCH harder, though, to keep them from coming after you, though, I have to admit. Most government agents have a headset that takes like .5 second to yell for assistance into.

    Also, the reviewer mentioned the AI being not suspicious enough. On the hardest level, it plays EXACTLY like the older games. You not only have to wear a disguise, you have to stay half a room away from members of the same group. The stealth meter is twitchy and a firefight is usually required. I doubt that it is possible to get a perfect success ratio(ghost or specialist) on the maximum difficulty.
  6. It's possible. I played all 4 Hitmans. You can get the highest Silent Assasin Rating on all missions (of course not the traning or the last misson)
  7. I went and bought this at the weekend and haven't stopped playing it. This game is so much fun - it's just wrong. 8O

    I should not be grinning with glee as I bundle someone into a garbage truck and listen to their bones crush. :twisted:

    I shouldn't burst out laughing when an actor shoots his co-star with what he *thinks* is a stage pistol. :lol:

    I shouldn't get a sense of satisfaction at a job well done after pushing someone off a cliff with no-one watching. 8)

    But I do. Thanks, Hitman, for making me realise that I'm one sick individual. :oops:
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    Two. The exclamation point flags a message, post, or thread, for review for moderation. You can use it when somebody spams, posts porn, ect.

    Don't use it just because someone is being a noob, or fanboy. Logic from the other users on the board, rather than an appeal to moderators is board policy as I understand it.

    Hmm. Maybe we need a better "how to use", or icon guides thing for the next upgrades.

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