Every Grand Theft Auto misses good features!!!!

As you notice you play through the GTA games, you notice certain things are missing. Like GTA 3, your guy (Mike) can't crouch, the design for a Rhino sucks, and the M4 is really strong even the Army (6 stars) can beat you with only 3 shots!!!!! They don't have any sort or air craft! And of course, the water is all the humans death (your guy can't swim).

Now for GTA Vice City, graphics are normal, and the water of death, still the design for a rhino, and more......

GTA San Andreas was better, but lacked some features. The sound of weapons suck and so on and on. Luckily your guy can swim (whew)! Designs and graphics are 100%. And it goes on to GTA Liberty City Stories.......again and again.

You know..... if Rockstar connected all these features...... there game would be soooooooooooo AWWWWESOOOME!!! Can someone please please please please please tell the website that will allow fans like me to send them a message, like the official forum of the REAL rockstar website.

Oh just to let you know, the paragraphs I typed is my opinion, so type you opinion please.
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  1. I don't know if crouching is too much of an issue, I doubt crouching would save you from getting capped in these games anyway. In San andreas you can swim without dying and there are aircraft interspersed throughout these games, but they are usually only for certain missions. As they've made more of them I've been less and less of a fan, I think they should just make one last one that is well designed and move on to another design. Too many games with a similar design will kill the whole genre.
  2. Well, I guess your right...
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