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My system is a dcc workstation with 2 xeons 4 gigs of ram and an ati FireGL V7350 will I be able to play upcoming pc games such as ut2007/ command and conquer 3 oblivion on this graphics card?
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  1. Is this a joke post, or are you just bragging? That's a brand new $1500.00 video card with a 1gb of DDR!

    If you are serious, then the answer is yes. You should be able to play all current titles and anything Direct X 9 or lower, and anything OpenGL.

    It is not optimized for gaming, but it will hold it's own. A current review of the card scored a 4436 in 3DMark06. Plus, your card is an R520 core. Basically, it is a professional version of the X1800XT, with more memory and better OpenGL options.
  2. I you can but that card you're using is for 3D cad and not for gaming. It's would work but I don't think in an eye-candy quality.
  3. yea, with my experiences playing on a workstation card, they run the games well, but only at low settings, because the cards are made for being in a workstation, and they dont have the necessary gaming features the games need to look/run the best.

    PS i think i accidentally double posted, for some reason i am not seeing my posts...
  4. with my experience playing on a workstation card (i had a very nice 3.8ghz p4 workstation with a quadro fx something or other) the computer runs games, but since the card is made for cad and not for games, it does not have the required gaming features and therefore the game will run well only on low settings and it will not look/run like a gaming card would.
  5. thanks for the replys. once i can play the games i dont mind so much, but is it possible to put a games card in a system and switch between cards depending on the application you are using?
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