Is anyone sad that E3 is gone?

Well, it's official. The ESA is dumping the E3 Expo and going with the "E3 Media Festival" next year. Instead of a big huge event at the L.A. Convention Center with 60,000 people, we're going to have a small little get-together for game companies and media members next July in a couple of hotels. Which is great for journalists like Aaron and me. But what about you guys? Does anyone care that E3 as we knew is over?
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  1. :cry: Yeah, I'll miss E3. I've never been, but I've always loved reading about the coverage. I had a chance to go 2 years ago, but I couldn't make it. If I knew E3 was going away, I would've gone for sure...
  2. I am actually slightly happy that it is gone. I did like E3 as it was a time of the year to look forward to. But maybe now without it we can get our information a little more spread out. Now instead of everyone waiting for E3 to release there information, we should see some of the news a little bit earlier. Now in every May I will not have to cram my brain with hundreds of new games and information. Instead, I can slowly cram my brain year round.
  3. I've got to agree with you there gameniac85, most publishers would hold back their biggest games until E3 and all unload on us at once. I think a lot of good games get overlooked when the convention is that big. Hopefully we'll end up with a lot of smaller conventions with more hands on opportunities than ever before.
  4. I guess not that many people care. I can't say I'm surprised, given that no one seemed to really miss Comdex when it folded. We used that show as an excuse to through one big party and give the IT industry a giant pat on the back, which in retrospect was completely useless. But boy, Vegas sure was fun during those weeks...

    Back to the issue at hand: does anyone think that E3 Expo's demise is a bad sign for the video game industry? Are we at all worried that this could mean some game companies, as well as the ESA, could be in serious financial trouble?
  5. 8O 8O

    I was kinda disconnected for a few days, and I'm catching up...
    So, going through the forums, I find THIS.

    The E3 is GONE?? No more spectacular shows, no more super-gaming stands?? No more booth-babes?? :evil: :( :cry: :evil: :evil:
    *screams and insults everyone*

    And I never had the opportunity to go to the E3, and now, it's gone... :cry:
  6. E3 is a bit like war: It looks great until you get there.
  7. Quote:
    E3 is a bit like war: It looks great until you get there.

    Hmmm, so now that E3 is gone, where will the next war be? I'm a bit confused because I thought the E3 was performing a desired function, just like the famous movie festivals, and car shows etc.

    Is someone considering a kind of oscar event for games?
  8. Somewhere I read why the "classic" E3 is going to dissapear.
    The E3 was born in times of need for a massive gaming expo, when gaming was becoming something BIG. Now, when there are many more gaming expos, the E3 (as we know it) is no longer needed.
    The companies involved in the E3 stated that it was too expensive. So, they decided to "drop it". It's reasonable, but sad indeed.
  9. Not sad its gone at all. Way too costly for developers. I would rather see that money going into the games.
  10. Well E3 may be gone but CES is talking about taking up the slack and turning itself into a video game conference. I think that may be a bad idea and they may end up with the same problem as E3 did and close.
  11. Ya the hype was the coolest part. Im also gonna miss the big surprises that big name companies would give.
  12. I'll miss it... but purely for selfish reasons. Anyone who read PC Gamer's article knows that apparently E3 was very expensive real-estate for developers and generally it was forcing game companies to rush development dates in order to have something to show. That said however.. they will not be putting that money back into game development.. it's part of the marketing budget and likely to flow into other more effective forms of marketing.

    In any case.. I will miss the event for 2 reasons:

    1) I look forward to the deluge of cool new games and demos assaulting my senses for a full week and for the weeks following.


    2) It featured prominently on my "things to do in my life" list along with "Date Olivia Munn" and "Host my own talk show" lol. At least going to E3 was attainable :P

    Ah well :(
  13. I'll miss it because I never got a chance to go.

    I'm sure I would not have enjoyed going as much as I thought I would, but it is still one of those things I just wanted to experience once in my life, and now it is gone.

    Oh well.
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