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Achtung, baby! The summer update for Day of Defeat: Source is here, and TwitchGuru takes another look at the multiplayer World War II shooter. Are the confined maps conducive to fun, or stiflingly boring? Aaron McKenna finds out.

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  1. I agree with his review for the most part. I will say though that if your not willing to learn the maps, you will have more frustration than satisfaction. However, if you play enough to learn most of the spots (which there are tons, and usually at least 3 or more main routes), you will get a lot of satisfaction. There is nothing more pleasing than poping around a corner, taking out the other teams MG and Sniper, grabing a dead guys support or assault gun then charging in and killing a bunch of people with that en route to the last flag or detonation.

    The team aspect of it is unparalleled. I play CS:S and BF2 as well, but I always end up playing DOD for hours on end. It is the most fun when I play with my roomates in a LAN setup, you can dominate. Weapon specialization is just about perfect in it, too. I find myself using each weapon just about evenly. Anyways, good review, for some, DOD is king of the hill.
  2. Agreed, good review. Frustration and satisfaction really does sum up the game. No other game makes me feel like I've really accomplished something quite like in DoD - taking out a couple of guys and charging the last flag and making it. My friend can play for 30-40 hours a week but I give it a few hours every few weeks. He loves it because it doesn't evolve but I get bored.

    To strangestranger who said he doesn't ever feel cheated, need I mention "100 in 1" in relation to the Thompson or MP40? I hate that stat more than any other. :evil:
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