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So why dont we start our own gaming crew? Dudes who get together semi-regularly and enjoy a few games and fight it out on our fav games.

I've only just now started to enjoy the joys of online gaming (horrendously slow, I know).

I work full-time and live in Australia so my opportunities are limited to evenings here which is narrow, I know, but on the weekends I'm sure we could form a group and have some fun; could be a good way to get to know each other here at the forums. I'd also like to knock off some of the other online clans that always annihilate me. :lol:

Currently I'm playing UT2004 and Kohan 2: Kings of War online--Shooter and RTS respectively--and I'm yet to get Battlefield 2 which I know everyone is raving over.

So, if you're keen then I'm keen also and flexible (I'll try any game online). Reply and we'll give it a go! :)
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  1. Anyone here play D&D on-line? We can get some THG parties together. IMO-It's probably one of the best MMORPG I've played so far. You guys can d/l their 10 day free trial, give me a shout and let's crawl through some moldy dark caverns in search of magical treasure.
  2. Righto mate. I dont own the game but have seen it advertised. I'll pm you once I get it although that may be a couple of weeks away. :lol:

    Picking up new games is not always something I'm quick at doing, particularly if they want full-price for a game that is now a few months old.
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