what motherboard should i buy?


i would like to buy a motherboard for my futur processor (certainly a xp2200 if i can found that cpu) but im not sure what brand i should choose.

im wondering about 3 brands:

i need also a raid controler but not a onboard sound chip.
i think a good choice could be the asus a7v333 raid
have you a opinion for that motherboard?
do you think it exists at this time a better motherboard maybe from abit or msi?

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  1. If you are not interested in On-board sound, then save yourself some money and get the
    Abit KX7-333R. It has no sound, but does come with the High Point Raid Controller.

    I put together a system with this board and have been pleased with the stability and
    performance. It comes with an excellent bios and OC well.

    You should be able to get the board for about $100.

    Abit KX7-333R, Abit Siluro Ti4400, XP1800+, 512MB Crucial DDR2100, WD 120 GB HD, Santa Cruz.
  2. no sound whatsoever? hmmm... all the others have sound on board... maybe not a 5.1 sound but some sound of some sort. yeah... go for da abit kx7-333r. choosing a board is really a headache. i personally haven't been able to make ma decision... i need a board with everything on board though.

    Unleash da Power to Perform
  3. Wait a couple of days I am not sure all the boards will work with Thoroughbred. Play it safe. I get the feeling not all the bios updates are working. Just some rumbling I am hearing.
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