Golden Sun: The Lost Age Transfer Code Questions

Well I entered in a Gold code, I was confused. I have no idea of what the codes did when I confirmed the correct code. All it showed was the Golden Sun charaters (Issac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia), and there super stats!! And then I exited out..... I am like, " Ok, what do the codes do first of all, I mean did I just enter codes that do nothing?"

Can someone tell me what the codes actually do?
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  1. Google is your friend....
  2., I will check and see if I can find any infromation on the codes, but it only will show up the transfre codes itself. I am gald you posted.
  3. Ok, I know now. The codes don't take effect until you meet up with the group. Thanks!
  4. what is the gold code
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