Contents of C have been moved to E?

A friend of mine was using the computer, he said it was acting "funny" so he shut it off. In other words I have no clue what happened immediately before or after. However, this is what I have figured out:

C: partition is blank
D: partiton is unchanged (personal documents, pictures etc)
E: partition did not exist before tonight. It has what used to be on the C: partition (windows directory, users, program files etc)

Boot manager is assigned to C partition and Boot Loader is assigned to E:.

Background: This is a clean install of retail Windows 7 Pro.

Is there anyway to change the boot manager to E:? At this time I have no access to windows, only the the command prompt either with the cd or if I leave it sit the system recovery option comes up after awhile.

Any help on this is appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. It is all the one hard drive, correct? and literally it's all been re partitioned? as in was there originally an E:?
  2. Goe into BIOS and change boot order to E: first.
    Don't let that guy touch the computer, He' clueless.
  3. I'm afraid you can only change the boot order for physical devices, not for individual partitions.
  4. Just as a matter of interest, what size is the blank C: partition? If it's about 100MB then it may be the hidden system partition that Windows creates that has somehow been unhidden and assigned a drive letter.
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