xbox 360 on Dell 2001FP - will it work and how?

recently i decided not to upgrade my 64 3500+ and 7800GTX simply because Oblivion SUCKED on it :(.. was really upset and have decided to get myself a 360 for gaming.

However, i don't want to spend money on a HDTV. My question to you guys is, can i make the 360 plug into my 20 inch dell LCD @ 1600x1200? Will it work? I know i have to get that VGA cable thingy for the 360. But from my very limited knowledge of HD standards, i know that 720p is something like 1024x768 while 1080i is something like 13NNxNNNN something... so if i do manage to hook up the 360 to the LCD, will it look bad due to the resolution not being my LCD's native?

any help will be appreciated,
thank you
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  1. the 360 is limited to 1280 * 1024 at its max pc monitor rez. lcds definately look best at native rez, however newer lcds are better at scaling, so it may be worth a shot. i would search google + 360 site forums (gamespot, ign, team xbox, etc.) and see if someone else has tried the same thing and has posted there results.

    BTW oblivion runs very nice on 360. It perfers ATi hardware and multi core procs anyway.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna try running something on 1280x1024 to see how it looks on my monitor.
  3. it should work but it may ghost a little bit I think. My friend had problems with it.
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