blank screen boot problem - need help

After moving, my computer which worked fine prior, now shows a blank screen on boot. No graphics are displayed. It beeps twice instead of once then after about 30-60 sec it shuts down. Without any text, I can't troubleshoot. I've tried different monitors but the same problem. Is my board shot?

My system is:

440BX Intel board
550 Intel PII
Creative Labs Annihilator Pro vid card


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  1. Just reseat the graphics card and the RAM memory too.

    <b>(<font color=yellow>as good as it looks</font color=yellow>)</b>
  2. i agree, something got jarred loose while moving. i would also check ur heatsink and all power, floppy connectors too while ur in the case.
  3. That worked! Thanks for the help!
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