A week ago, my processor overheated and died on my Gigabyte 7VRX (no raid) mobo. I got a new processor and put it in but now it doesn't work. The fans won't even start when everything's plugged in. I tried using another power supply but it still won't work. I can see no visible signs of damage on the mainboard on either the top or bottom, and it was working with the old processor before so I'm not sure if the mainboard died with the last processor or the processor I just got was defective. I don't have any spare mobos to test the new processor. Can anyone help?

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  1. maybe your motherboad is died as well. can you test the voltage under your motherboard with a tester?
  2. I don't have a multimeter :(

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  3. I'm not familiar with that particular mb but once I had a problem with the same symptoms on my Asus A7v. Check your manual. My fix was to short two terminals. After that it worked like a charm. Good luck.
  4. but you don't see at least the screen cursor?
  5. Nothing shows up on the screen. If it is a short I'm not sure what jumper to change because I haven't changed any of my jumpers. I'm wondering if I should RMA the processor even if I'm not sure if it's broken, just to make sure it isn't. None of my friends are computer techies, so I can't test to see if the processor works in theirs.

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  6. but is your cpu fan working or not?
  7. When I press the power button, the cpu fan spins up for a split second then stops. That's the only thing that happens.

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  8. i think your cpu is damaged.
  9. Thanks for all your help, Paul. I just requested an RMA.

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  10. Hmmm, no expert here obviosly but before you send everything back at least try erasing the cmos real time clock. If you set a password to get into your bios, then happen to forget what it is you have to do the this to reset. Maybe I'm crazy but your symptoms are exactly the same as I had when I was attempting to overclock (my mb has a built in protector- as I said I'm not an expert). I reset the cmos by shorting two connectors (your manual should tell you how to do it) and ole' back in business. While you're there double check your settings and jumpers one more time.
  11. how a damaged bios during a post can cut the cpu fan?
  12. I tried the CMOS already. I'm really hoping it's the processor that's defective.

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  13. The bios would not necessarily be 'damaged'. If he had for instance set the wrong CPU BUS frequency or frequency multiple his board might stop the post (as mine did).
  14. dumb question: Is the fan plugged into the correct outlet (the CPU fan header, not a different one)?

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  15. That's a good question actually. I did make sure the fan RPM monitor was plugged into the CPU fan header and that the fan had a power source. I know some mobos don't start if there is no fan connected.

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  16. Well I got the RMA back and a new processor... hooked it up to the mainboard. Still does the same thing. Tried another power supply again, still doesn't start up. So I know it's not the power supply. I cleared the CMOS multiple times. Could it be the RAM, CPU (again.. doh), or something else? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Update: decided to exchange the mainboard. Don't know if they'll let me, but I would rather get a new one in light of the fact that high end gfx cards and cpus cannot be used together on it (you have to raise cpu core +7.5% to get it to work).<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cakecake on 06/21/02 07:50 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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