Mandrake 9.2

Hi all, I have recently downloaded Mandrake 9.2 to act as my 2nd boot drive just to test it out.

drive 1 - 4 partitions ( 2 ntfs , 1 ext3, 1 linux swap)
drive 2 - 3 partitions (dynamic disk)

The first problem i encountered was the installation kinda FREEZED during the first few graphical screen(during the mouse detection phase). The reason being my USB microsoft optical mouse which upon disconnecting it, will continue with the installation. It happens during Fedora Core installation too.

2)After installing mandrake , window xp installation is totally corrupted mostly because the scsi driver is corrupted hence i had to reinstall window xp again. why does that happen ?Is it because of me mounting the partition in mandrake but nothing is written onto the partition yet.

3)What does knoppix has that lets it mount and read window xp dynamic disk partition that mandrake couldnt ?

4)Whether using gnome or kde , mandrake always destroy my menu in the sense that after a while , it will remove and leave me with a few menus .( for eg sometimes it remove the configure your computer and a most of the applications ). This can be fixed back using menudrake but it intrigues me.

5) Anyone has any problem installing fglrx into mandrake 9.2 ?? Its because ONCE i install it... I couldnt restart,shutdown or log off my main account. It keeps loggin in the same one without letting me choose my root account so as to uninstall the fglrx downloaded from ATI website .

The steps into linux are quite steep and personally i feel its still sometime away from moving into mainstream homeuser here.

thx for reading and any help given.

Lord of the sheeep
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  1. 1) Try MDK 10 or another 2.6 based distro and see if that problem goes away. I''ve heard of it before, so I'm sure Google can give you a quick answer.
    2) WTF? Mandrake won't do anything to your "Windows SCSI driver". Worst case scenario is a messed up partition table from partition resizing, or a messed up filesystem if you tried mounting NTFS read/write... neither of which you should really be doing anyway.
    3) Probably some bleeding edge drivers and software. #knoppix on might have specifics.
    4) Haven't had that problem myself...
    5) No idea about fglrx - I'm running an Nvidia card here. It sounds like you've got X set to auto-login with a user account... but I doubt that's related to fglrx, but at any rate, you said you installed it from you main account, but then couldn't log off to log in as root to uninstall it? If you needed to be root to uninstall it, you needed to be root to install it in the first place, so what's going on? Just "su" to root and do it from the shell in your main (user?) session.

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  2. 1) MDK.. isnt that still in beta ? i will try it out if i manage to work this 9.2.. the mouse thingy is ok because i have a usb>ps2 adapter.

    2)I did not mount the ntfs as read AND write .. only read .. all the warnings in the internet i saw were just about writing on an NTFS drive or so . My guess would be it corrupted that part of the window installation . Keeps giving me write delay fail in winxp that only goes away after uninstalling the PROMISE scsi driver.

    5) I installed fglrx in root ... then restarted .. came back in as main acc.. then couldnt log in as root from the logon screen.. ( sorry for not being clear ). So a "su" from root will enable me to do things that normally not permitted by user ? thx .

    Lord of the sheeep
  3. 1) Yeh, pretty much. It gets an official release pretty soon. Plan B is to use a PS/2 adapter, I guess.

    2) Promise makes ATA cards and chips (RAID mostly) so is it SCSI or ATA? I'm guessing it's ATA with a SCSI emulation layer or something... But XP is not my thing, so I dunno what's going on.. Mounting read only shouldn't have messed with anything, and if you didn't do any resizing I can only guess that it's an unfortunately timed coincidence. I saw a note about this error happening with XP driver, and it was resolved by using the driver from the manufacturers website. Maybe it's as simple as being the wrong/old version of the driver...

    5) Right, su (switch user) lets you operate as root from the command line.

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