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BF 2142 & Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

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August 8, 2006 4:22:15 PM

I’m an old fan of the BF series, but missed the boat with BF2. I stopped at BF: Vietnam. I also, unfortunately, missed the first Enemy Territory. I was just wondering if anyone could possibly compare the two games. I’m aware neither is out yet.

Based on people’s previous experience with both games, can anyone give me an idea as to how each play? I hope this isn’t a foolish question, but I’ve never played the original Enemy Territory so I’m not really sure how it compares the BF series.

Does any think either of these games will be a bit similar to Planet Side? Is BF2142 a tweaked BF2?


P.S. Just looking for some opinions here. No flaming please. I’ll most likely purchase both, but would just like some more background info on play mechanics of each.

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August 9, 2006 12:40:39 AM

in my opinion bf2142 is the same thing as bf2 just in diferent settings, if u are more of a scifi person i would go with bf2142 it has mech walkers init, to be honest bf2142 unit movement looks a bit similar to fear (just my opinion based on what iv seen in the alpha), if ur more into more "realistic" setinds, combat go with bf2 if u would like to c some videos of both check out there are atleast 5 or 6 videos one i think up to 20 minutes of the gameplay of bf2142 with the narations of one of the devs in it (E3 video) to be honest the graphix look very similar, just the obvious "time " changes the looks, and gameplay it depends if u like a simulation of "relaity" or the "future"...hope this helped a bit, i would advise u to check out the video, i enjoyed it it was very informative, and that 20 minutes the other 12 min i think videos are of quite ok quality, and there is enough info there to decide wheather to buy it or not(mind u the videos are of the game in the alpha stage) so hopefuly itll change to beter
August 9, 2006 6:12:58 PM

there both awesome i think quake is the best though
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August 12, 2006 7:57:35 PM

From the movies I've seen so far, ET was going to be a HUGE contender with the BF series. It offered the same squad based base capture gameplay like the BF series but with Quake's graphics and futuristic weaponry. BF2142 is just a rewraped version of BF2 but set in the future. It'll offer double the unlocks and a new game mode and hopefully won't be bug infested like BF2's last few patches. If things went as planned BF2142 and ET were going to be released a month or so apart but the dev's of ET decided to push the release into 2007 to polish the game a bit more. We all know what that means. They'll basically watch and see how well BF2142 performs and see what they have to fix/add to the game before a real release date is given. But the two games are really looking good and ET will be a very big competitor to the BF series. It's going to be an interesting year.
August 14, 2006 3:23:06 PM

I never played ET, but I can tell you that 2142 does use the BF2 engine but they've improved the engine in a few places, based on problems and patches needed for BF2. And to update effects and gameplay without writing a brand new engine. Also I've heard that 2142 will focus more on, and hopefully require more teamplay to win the rounds, rather than lone wolves running around just harvesting points to gain awards. If you're into online teamwork, playing BF2 on public servers can be annoying most of the time- best to join a clan. Hard to say for sure though. The demo for BF2 had a few things in it that never made it into the production game. I'm hoping for the best with 2142 but won't know for sure until I've played it a few hours.
August 14, 2006 4:08:21 PM

graphicaly the b2 and b4142 are very similar there will be just some visual aditions like the emp granades will give out that bluish electric haze, as i said before best to look at the actual gameplay video on the site that i gave alinq to above, there are hi def videos there so it almst looks as if u would be playing it, visualy it looks quite ok. so i gues all depends wheather u like a futuristic look or a "contemporary" looking battlefield :wink:
August 15, 2006 9:17:59 PM

I think Quake wars will live up to its hype better... BF2142 is based on the BF2 engine, and as an avid BF2 player i can tell you the game won't be played anything like the way you see on the videos... running in a close group of 3 / getting in an apc with 6 other ppl = Quick explosive death... Now i'm not saying that won't be true in Quake wars, but that seems to better tailor to loose strategies, rather than putting in tactics like an apc with jump pod things..... Still thats just my 2 cents :D 
Also.... reading other ppls posts i am not sure whether you were comparing BF2 to BF2142 or Quake Wars to BF2142... Ignore me if i am off topic :) 
Edit: Horrific spelling mistake :D 
August 15, 2006 10:51:22 PM

I think BF2142 will be more mainstream than Quake wars, but not as fun.
Playin the original ET was good fun, loved the flame thrower and the portable mortar. It'll not doubt be alot more intense than the BF series due to the flexable contest points and mobile spawn units that'll be included in ET.

Bassicly if you want a game which will no doubt have at least 4 major bugs in it on release go for BF2142. If you want a solid game, no doubt more indepth with good graphics, go for Quake wars.

Im placing bets that they wont sort out the walker movements in BF2142 till 6-9months after release, then they'll have 'accidentally' buggered up the pistol so that it can take out tanks in two hits :roll:
August 16, 2006 1:12:35 AM

if quake wars will be similar to quake in itselfe then i think i would go for battelfield 2 or the 2142 one, i guess im more into more "conventional" shooters
September 4, 2006 12:45:24 AM

i think battlefield isnt going to have like alien weapons just really really advanced military weapons of the future.
September 4, 2006 2:21:47 AM

lol ofcourse it wont , it does not have to do anything with "aliens".
September 4, 2006 9:22:14 AM

I was one that never really got in to ET (Enemy Territory), I played RTCW (Return To Castle Wolfenstein) to death so to me ET was just more of the same. Battle Field on the other hand has always taken my interest. Although the game is not perfect and does have it’s fair share of bugs, it does offer one of the biggest ranges of things to do in an online game to date.

I have had almost every Battle Field game + expansion there that has been released and now on top of that I am participating in the closed beta test of Battle Field 2142.

Battle Field 2142 is a game set in… you guessed it 2142. The world has gone in to a new ice age causing an all out world war to arise out of the need for permeable land to grow crops for food and oils. You will be playing one of 2 side, first of which is Europe as we know it just now and the second is China and the surrounding country’s.

As a game it is more of the same but better, with added features that lets you for instance. Spawn in friendly APC type vehicles, that has pods that can shoot you about 200 meters in to the air to ether bored titans or shoot across to waypoints from an outlying areas. It also does have new vehicle types, for instance it has the mech warrior type walker. That does, just to confirm this work perfectly having very good movement effects that makes it very believable. Better than any other game I have seen, you will be impressed by this I am very sure.

The aircrafts handle just like choppers, basically they are what you would expect to find on a futuristic game that has aircrafts. They do work well although they could do with a bit more firepower for taking out ground units, although as I said this is still a closed beta so changes have been made and I bet more will be made in the near future.

As for the infantry and the rank system, they are much more advanced than what was in place in Battle Field 2, almost as fully featured as an MMOG as far as the upgrades go. On that note I will pick up on what the original poster asked.

Does any think either of these games will be a bit similar to Planet Side? Is BF2142 a tweaked BF2?

Is this game a tweaked BF2… yes but in the same way BF2 is a tweaked Battle Field 1942, the graphics are a lot better and the game is a lot more interesting and has enough features to keep anyone happy.

Is this game similar to Planet Side… This game is how planet side should have been. The upgrade system is a lot fairer and there is none of this people taking tens of hits before dieing. The vehicles are much more responsive and well balanced, I am sure you will love or hate the new hover tank ;) 

Well anyway that’s my bit on Battle Field 2142, it is a game well worth getting and I for one will sure as hell be getting the full game when it is released. They just keep making the game better with ever patch they put in to this beta phase!
September 4, 2006 11:05:38 AM

i think itl be very very similar to bf2 ...hope ea wont screw uo another game :wink:
September 4, 2006 12:39:23 PM


Was there any point me typing all that guff?

Is this game a tweaked BF2… yes but in the same way BF2 is a tweaked Battle Field 1942, the graphics are a lot better and the game is a lot more interesting and has enough features to keep anyone happy.


On a side not if anyone was wondering about it working on there system. Here are the specs I have:

*ATi X800XT PE
*Athlon64 3500+
*2GB’s DDR400
*Nforce3 Motherboard
*Installed on 320GB SATA RAID (windows on another HDD)


And the Settings I run the game in:

*1680X1050 (Widescreen) – Not natively supported but shortcut tweak does work.
*All Settings set to maximum apart from AA and I believe AF is not on.

Now with these setting the game runs at about 30 – 50 FPS being more than enough to make it playable. Since the new patch the game runs very well, the amount of time that you get any judder has been reduced considerably. You only really experience any slow down or judder when a lot of things happen on the screen. For instance when a pod you are in lands on the ground and explodes producing about 10 – 15 gibs that go flying about the place toped off with a big plumb of smoke which reduces your FPS to about 15 FPS for about 1 or 2 seconds till the smoke disappears or if something blows up in front of your face… Which in most cases means you are dead anyway.

You still have to keep in mind that this game is still in closed beta and all the lag will more than likely be gone in the next patch.

P.s. no lag or delay was detected on the mouse so aim was not a problem.
September 4, 2006 2:15:00 PM

i saw many videos, those 20 minute ingame ones, and the e3 ones, as well as the multiplayer alpha videos and it looked nice even then , i liked the emp granate pulse lol looked nice, but i guess well see how the game feels, btw its nice that the game is so scalable, so i think i will be able to play it fine with my sapphire radeon x850xt, and the rest of the hardware that I have in my sig :D 
September 4, 2006 4:28:26 PM

Yeh the EMP’s that you get in the game are a nice touch, I think it is quite cool how they can effect different things. For instance if you’re a grunt on the ground your view goes fecked up. But if you’re a tank or walker a few things can happen. On a walker for instance sometimes your legs will freeze but you can still move your turret around and move. You could also have your gun disabled for a little while but still move your turret around and walk about or you can have the annoying one where you can shoot and move but you cant move your turret around so you cant really hit things. You can have more than one effect at once… Really nice when an EMP hits something flying, you should see everyone jump out lol
September 4, 2006 4:56:22 PM

sounds fun, what visual options do You think i could be playing the game on with the hardware that i will get?
September 4, 2006 5:12:22 PM

Are you kidding me lol

If I can play at 1680X1050 with everything maxed out, you should too. BF games are CPU heavy as well so you might be able to chuck some AA on top of that.
September 4, 2006 5:36:39 PM

sweet, lol its just 2 bad that my max lcd resolution is 1280x1024, btw will geting a beter gpu card increase my max resolution or that is just the absolute max of the lcd and does not alow for any more? i tried once to take my desktop to this resolution but my screan was so blury, but hopefully with this new system i will be able to have no issues, so i gues it might be my gpu card that im using right now that has some issues (ati radeon 7500 A-I-W)
thx for the info again, I will check out bf2 demo first lol, havent played it i havent built my new system yet lol but hopefully by the upcomming weekend it will all be ready. :D 
September 5, 2006 10:36:04 AM

Ah right I see, the thing with LCD’s is that you can’t go over the native resolution of your monitor. Basically your monitor has a resolution of 1280X1024 and you’re very much advised to run everything at that resolution or you will get blurring. So unfortunately a new GFX card will not help this.