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Hey guys,

I am putting together my new system and I currently have a beta win 7 disc and a win 7 corp edition which seems to let u upgrade from beta. Is there a difference between upgrading from beta to full and a clean install? Will I have to install xp first to install beta? What are your suggestions. Thanks guys
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    To my knowledge you won't need to install XP, you can use the Win7 RC or RTM disk to to a clean install. Just keep a few things in mind.

    1) If you have the beta (build 7000) as opposed to the RC (7100) or the RTM (7600), remember that it has already hit the auto-shutdown phase. Your PC will turn itself off every 2 hours if you use the beta.

    2) You cannot upgrade XP or any of the pre-release editions of Windows 7 to the full version, it has to be a clean install.
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