Outlook 2000 and backed up Outlook Express files.


Just been working on a computer and I have backed up the Outlook Express (not sure what version now, and i formatted the hard drive) Personal Address Book, a *.wab file and the Outlook Folders, about 20 or so *.dbx files with the folder.dbx, being the main file.

I installed Windows 2000 and Outlook 2000 and it wont let me import the Personal Address Book or Outlook Folder. I went to Import Address Book and Folders, and then it says select a directory so I do, then it does nothing, just says that it copied over no addresses or folders.

What am I doing wrong??



Somewhere in australia...
So I need your help...
We are left out down here sometimes...
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  1. None of my Outlook 2000 files are .wab, they are all .pst files. Did you back those up?
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