i really need some help my computer keeps shutting off

my computer allways shuts off at some parts of different games,
can anyone please help me?
Computer Model Number:M127ON
Computer Type:HP
Error Signature:
BCCode: 19 BCP1: 00000020 BCP2: 85D3F338 BCP3: 85D3F478
BCP4:0A280001 OSVer:5_1_2600 SP:2_0 Product:56_1
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  1. What are the spec's on that machine (CPU, amount of ram, type of video card, etc.)? Does it power off, or blue screen/crash? How old is your PC? Have you noticed anything in the games when this happens? Such as a lot going on at the moment (lot's of enemy's attacking, etc.)

    Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your video card. Also the latest game patches. As an early guess I would say your video might be overheating. Or CPU is getting over temp and shutting down to protect itself from damage. Is your case or the room to warm? Or if you have upgraded to a new graphics card perhaps the power supply can't provide enough voltage. You might check HP website to see if there is an update for the BIOS, and any other drivers.
  2. 1gb ram
    video card:Geforce 7900 gt
    pentium 4 cpu
    my pc is from 2004
    everytime it shuts off alot of things ahppen,(for example in oblivion it happens each time i use a bow)
    the computer powers off and emmidiately restarts,
    it blue screen crashed only once before.
    ill take a look for game patches and that im running the latest driveers
    i dont think the video card is overheating because its pretty new,and the last one has bin doin it as well
    ill take a look at all the new updates rite now,thnx alot for helping me so far
  3. Firstly, diagnosing random restarts is pretty hard to do.

    If your computer crashes only when playing games it's gonna be buggy software or overheating hardware.

    Which is causing the problem is tough to say. If reinstalling the games, updating drivers (for mobo, gfx card and sound) etc doesn't work I'd personally do a fresh install of windows and start from scratch.

    If after this games still crash you're looking at hardware issues and tracing that down could be a nightmare.
  4. I had the same problem, and I also have a 7900 GT. Turns out I had a bad video card. Does your computer shut off ONLY while gaming?

    To try to find my problem, I tried swapping my video card with a friends, and my system with his card seemed to work just fine. After I reinstalled my video card, I ran 3DMark 06, and I got some strange vector effects during the test, so I narrowed it down to the GPU core. I RMA'd the card, and the new one works just fine (no longer powering off while gaming).

    Do you have another card you can swap with? Have you tried running 3DMark?
  5. i suggest sending the error report
    when u send it a web page opens and gives u details on how to fix the problem

    i had a error that was very similar to that
    mine was being caused by my audio drivers

    El Chialde
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