Soyo K7V-Drgn Plus: Opinions? Good/Bad?

Hey all,
I'm looking for some input on the Soyo K7V Dragon Plus. I'm glad I waited for the KT266A that came out with this version of the Dragon but I still want to get some real-world input on what people think of it. I am primarily interested in what owners of the board think about it. What kind of preformace/stability they see. My concern is with all the on-board prefs, am I going to pay for it with nightmare driver/resource problems? Any input is great! Thanks!

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  1. that board rocks. Stable as can be. Didn't have any driver problems. I recommend it.

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  2. I was planning on buying a Dragon+ for my first DIY system, but I've decided to go with the Soyo SY-KT333 DRAGON Lite because I don't need RAID at this time, and I have my own LAN and sound card. You probably won't find a more complete KT266A board on the market right now. I really wanted this board, but it's not in my budget (a number of online retailers are offering mail-in rebates on this model, but the cost savings are either negligible, and/or they didn't rate well with past consumers). The Lite is $30 cheaper than the D+.

    Drivers and other issues can be resolved on tech forums such as these, and you should be able to find someone who can help you because this is a very popular and highly regarded board.

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  3. i recently upgraded my computer, i used that board and i couldnt be happier.

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  4. I'm currently using a Soyo Dragon Plus with AMD XP1900+ and 512RAM. It is very stable and fast and I'm not overclocking.
  5. Thanks for the feedback on this motherboard! Well so far it looks like I don't have to worry about and inherent problems with the board and I'm very happy with that ;) Any other comments are welcome.

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