GA-7VRX and Pioneer DVD

Has Anybody has a system with MotherBoard Giga-byte GA-7VRX and it work perfectly ok with Pioneer DVD-116?

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  1. I have this board and a Pioneer 106 DVD (Slot instead of tray). No problems at all with either.

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  2. got the 7VRXP and 106DVD and no problems here

    (3D games aside - still a niggly stability issue)
  3. That is cool. I just try it out again. I cannot start my system when I plug my dvd on the IDE2. However,It work if i plugin my DVD on the IDE1 and my harddisk on the IDE2. Anybody got idea what is the problem? How can i fix it?
  4. A few questions first....

    How are your hard drive and DVD drive configured, i.e. master, slave, cable select?

    What boot sequence have you selected in BIOS?

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  5. Hard drive set to master. and dvd set to master too.
    The boot sequence selected is floopy->IDE0->CDROM
    Is that the right setting?
  6. though it was a different problem on a different board, it's worth a shot. on my tyan s2460, after memory count with the pioneer plugged in, i'd get about a 2 min hang, then it would go to boot sequence. went into bios and instead of having it on auto for the pioneer, i set it up manually (cdrom, undma 2, etc). now all is well.

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  7. I fix the problem. By plugin my dvd on IDE1 and harddisk on IDE2. Is it ok to do that? And why I cannot do the viceversa
  8. Hi,
    I have a same problem as you, with bios version f1 or f2
    Please try to get mobo replacement as i did last week. With other 7vrx its work as should be, harddisk on IDE1 and DVD on IDE2 (no matter as a master or slave)
  9. yep.
    manually select things.
    jumpers and drive detection.

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