Minimum PCMark and 3DMark for The Sims2/Black & White 2

I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I need to know if this machine will run The Sims 2 before buying the game. I just ran PCMark and got a score of 1682. Is this good or bad? I dont know?

Whats the minimum PCMark required to play games like The Sims 2 and Black and White 2 (heavy 3D)?

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  1. For us to help you, you need to post your specs for us to help you. Just because you got 1682 in pcmark doesn't tell us too much about your computer. If your system is mostly high end but with a crappy video card you might still be able to get that number from pcmark but the sims 2 won't run.
  2. I'm really not sure but it's a crappy system. I need to run CPU-Z again. its a P4 478 I think, 2. somtething GHZ, 500 MB ram, and an onboard v-card (I know I know). Thing is, it pops out that score. How do I enterpret that????
  3. From the looks of the minimum requirements you pass on everything except maybe the video card. If you go to your start menu and go to run type in dxdiag and hit enter. That should give you more info about your computer. If you go over to display tab it should give you some info about your video card.
  4. When you ran Pcmark it should have done some graphics testing too, if you could find that score and post it that would be helpful too. There is no easy way to interpret the total score especially if one of your components lags behind like the video card.
  5. Here go to this page and download the newest version
    That should tell you if your computer will run sims 2, even if you fail it might still run it but its highly unlikely.
  6. Hey thank man! I'll check it out. You really know your stuff. I'm impressed. Maybe you can help with this prob if you want:

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