BF2 install help

i've tried installing bf2 but sometimes it gets an error before the cd key and sometimes it gets an error while intalling.. saying start over..
i had it installed before but had to go to safemode to do it. after i installed 1.3 it crapped out and would get suck at the desktop.. so i uninstalled it, deleted all the folders and regestry.. now it won't even install under safe mode..
i tried manualy installing and get corrupt file on the data2 zip when pasting it in the folder.. my comp even hangs up sometimes just exploring the disk...
the disk is new and installs fine on my sons computer. i installed the disk 3 times on his comp and never a problem. i can ever paste the data2 file on the other comp....

amd 3200+
1 gig ocz
500 watt antec truepower
liteon dvd/rw shw-160p6s i did update this..
all other games install and run great..

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  1. It looks like you covered a lot of the basic troubleshooting. I am assuming you are using XP? You stated that you installed it before in safemode, that makes me think it is a driver/hardware issue. I know it is a pain, but try pulling your sons DVD player, disconnect yours and try again. If you have onboard sound, NIC, ect. disable it in the BIOS for the install. Also if it is a driver issue, again, another pain- Reinstall windows. :(

    I have found after awile the registry becomes cluttered with garbage. A clean install once a year is always helpful.

    Good luck
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