Best computer buy for the money.

Which, if your guys' opinion, is the best buy for a computer. Would i be better off buying a premade computer, or building one myself? I definitly need a new one.

Let me know.
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  1. Building one yourself is always better... unless you're buying from Falcon Northwest, Voodoo PC etc. :lol: (I'm assuming you would buy from a retail store)

    You can build a PC that is cheaper, faster, and has much better parts than a prebuilt company's PC's nearly 100% of the time.
  2. I just bought a new Mach V from Falcon, I can't wait to get it in the mail.

    Make sure you shop around for the best parts and best price to fit your budget. The worst thing to do is get one opinion, get all excited and buy on the spot. You usually come out with less than stellar results in situations that way.
  3. I usually buy from, thats the cheapest parts that ive found.
  4. I have about 600 USD
  5. Quote:
    I have about 600 USD

    Mobo processor combo with am2 3800-4200=200-250

    2 gb(1gbx2 ddr800) ram = 150-200

    video card(9800gt) = 200

    That is assuming you have all the other parts.

    I was going to link to sites but I R t3h lazy
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