Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

This game will arrive in October, and demo impressions are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, I'm deciding whether or not I should stop WoW and switch to DMoMM. I suggest you guys to take a look as well :) For more information about classes and such, check out the fansite link (not mine, its an official one)!


Oh and those wanting the official main site:

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  1. DMoMM is an awesome game... I've played the demo over 15 times. The combat is awesome... great game. Looking forward to the full release.
  2. The demo is awesome! I've played it a bunch too - probably about the same - 15 times.

    The combat is just so fun and varied - do I straight kill him, kick him in the fire, throw a barrel at him, etc. - it's great!
  3. Graphics-wise, how does it compare to Oblivion?
  4. It's HL2 with swords and sorcery
  5. Its a fairly good game, but as Nate said, its pretty much HL2 with lots of pretty pixels and orcs :-P
  6. well, it would be strange if it isn`t alike H-L2 coz both games are made on same engine--> Source !!!
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