Windows has detected your computers performance is low

i dont know why i am getting this taskbar is set at red and when i play a movie or sometimes game it will change to light blue and that message pops up...but when i close the movie windows media classic or game it changes back to red....i got kicked off a game earlier because the message popped up that im running out of resources...can anyone tell me why this is happening and a way to fix it

im currently running:
windows 7 ultimate 64bit
amd phenom x4 945
msi 790x-g45
xfx ati radeon 5850
4gb kingston hyper x ram
corsair tx650 watt psu
wd velociraptor 300gb hd
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  1. 1. run memtest
    2. Prime 95
  2. I searched all over for an answer to this, and found various answers as to how to disable this; however, none of them worked or were acceptable to me - i.e., disable aero or something similar.

    However, when the notification bubble appears - it reads "Windows has detected that your computer's performance is slow" - note the little "wrench" icon in the bubble. Click it. In the window that opens, scroll down to "Desktop Window Manager" and select "Hide icon and notifications." Now click OK at the bottom of the dialog, and say good bye to this inane message forever.

    There is another way to get to this same dialog to end this inane message. On the task bar near the system tray there is an arrow icon. Click it. In the bottom of the popup window that appears, there is a link "Customize..." Click it. Follow the above instructions to end this message.

    IMHO, this is an inane message. I'm at work with a new Dell, i7-2600, Win 7 Pro, 8GB RAM, and two AMD 5450 graphics cards installed. More than enough power for aero, yet W7 was complaining even when I was only running a web browser. IMHO, the M$ genius who thought of this notification should be fired. :fou:

    For anyone else who has similarly searched, I hope this helps. :D
  3. Sweet Thanks
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