Game Review: City Life

Think you can build an entire metropolis? CDV Software\'s new title City Life puts players in the shoes of urban planners and real estate developers, as they design and construct an entire city for the 21st century. But will the 3D graphics and detailed maps be enough to hook gamers? Aaron McKenna finds out.
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  1. When doing a game review, could you guys please (re)consider handing out some form of a measurement or grade. This will help me as a reader to understand where this game is situated in the good/bad hemisphere of gaming.

    Giving an opinion is always a personal view (although as a professional reviewer I presume you do some analysis and try to understand what kind of gamers might be attracted to a game), but as a consumer of reviews I try to learn about the personal preferences of a reviewer and without having to read all reviews produced an overview of grades handed out by the reviewer can be a help.
  2. We do... see the end of the executive overview 8)
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