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I hope this isn't a stupid question, but something I definetly have to find out. Everytime I install XP on a machine only one person uses the computer. XP makes you give a username during installation. I noticed in windows explorer that under C:\Documents and Settings there was:
\All users
\default users
\and my name I gave during installation here

Even though I am an administrator I found that it caused a problem one day when I tried to install a program. Is there a way not to make a user name in XP and just be "administrator"? Also what is the \default users directory?

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  1. you can delete the account. but that doesnt make a difference when your trying to install somthing. the default user is like a template for when you create a new user. cs game server -
    now featuring (optional) cheating death!
  2. If you didn't create an account in xp the first time, The default user name is administrator. The administrator name only shows when there are no other users,once you create one, then your name appears and you are the administrator as well. Try to delete all accounts and see if administrator name will run by default.
  3. You said if I didn't create an account in xp the first time, the default user name is administrator. But you cannot install xp unless you do create a user name. It will not allow you to move forward with the installation. Also you said to try and delete the account and see if the administrator will run by default, I'm the only user on the machine and you cannot delete your own account. If I did all my files under my name (which is everything on my C: drive) would get deleted wouldn't it?

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe v2 -- AMD Athlon XP 2500 Barton Core -- 512 P2700 (duel channel) --
    ATI Radeon 9500 -- SB Augidy 2 -- Antec Plus660 AMG 330W case -- XP Pro
  4. When loaded xp pro, I gave a name to keep going. That account is a member of the administrators group, but not the administrator account. What we have here is a permissions issue. I find it interesting you have all users, default users and your account. I have administrator, all users and my account. There are some things that require using the "Real Administrator" account. Just for fun, try start, log off user and when presented login box type administrator for the user and nothing for password and hit the "any key"-joke-"enter" key. See if this logs you into the administrator account. From their try loading the program in, I had to do that once. It was from this page of tweaks to improve performance ""
    You have to create some account to continue loading xp, but that does not prevent you from logging in as the administrator account.
    Please realize, as the administrator, you could do real harm, as you have vast permissions, and if hacked, they will have full control of your computer.
    Think you can't be hacked-ask every large corporation, bank and the pentgon about that. All firewalls... are like putting a car alarm on your car, it will stop most, but if an expert wants it, they will get it. Hope this solves you problem, best of luck. :)-
  5. If you find that you need access to the Administrator account for some reason, go to Control Panel / User Accounts and activate the Adminstrator account. Then it will show up on your Welcome screen and you can log in on that account. It's going to ask you for a password, so be prepared to create one when asked.

    That's the simple answer. There are lots more complicated things you could do, but this is the easy way.

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