What do you think?Is he able to run all games on max?PC

so theres specs of PC that i ordered
Video - Asus EN7600GT
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 3200+2.2Ghz,BP BOX,Venice(i'll try to OC this till 2.6GHz)
RAM - 2x512/400MHz KINGSTON(DUAL DDR will be)
HDD - hitachi 80GB,8mb chase(really dont care about hhd,cuz in games
it not helpfull)
CASE - inter-tech,2011,presscot ready,400W
so?Is he able to run all games on max?
(just in case that CPU will be OC'ed to 2.6-2.8Ghz and he will
be better then FX-55,saw in tests)
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  1. why i cant play all games in MAX?
    video?i saw that 7600GT is very good on all new games
    with all maxed out,in all rezs(12-10)and fps min 40,max100,
    exept FEAR,in 12-10 rez,maxed out,is good,fsp 40-60
    but wtih AA,AF abit little,like 27,
    but all games expet fear is very good
    CPU?CPU OC'ed till 2.8GHz is better then FX-55 amd 64bit
    RAM?need more?
  2. More memory does not increase your FPS much at all, it just helps to stop judders.
  3. Quote:
    2 points however, why do you refer to yourself in the third person

    Maybe he was using "he" to refer to the PC? :?
  4. Or maybe he has someone sharing his brain :?
  5. 8O ....dont creap me out :roll: :? lol :lol: :wink:
  6. Yeah that really isn't high end.
    It's midgrade to low for a new machine IMO.
    Ram is only 400 mhz.
    Processor single core.
    Vid not bad but not best for newest games(oblivion/fear+)
    So for now you'll play any current games.
    You'll find yourself struggling in some of the new ones or tuning done some setting in the near future though.
  7. What's wrong is ordering a new machine and buying old ram.
    No chance his next machine will use it.
    I don't think it's a good buy keeping future in mind.
    Unless.... it was super cheap and a package deal.
    Tiger had most of a system for like $299 with similar specs.
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