Holy crap Company of Heroes is amazing!

PC Gamer Oct. edition has the beta of Company of Heroes on their dvd. It's a buggy beta, but, it's awesome anyway.

I recommend everyone try out this game! If you thought Dawn of War was fun this game is going to be just as good and then some.

I can't wait until it hits stores W00.
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  1. wooh its hit the stores :lol:

    how old is this post :tongue:
  2. It hit the stores months ago. Let this thread die! :D
  3. Quote:
    how old is this post

    After some extensive hacking, several attempts at social-engineering, and a little bit of excavating, I came across this:

    Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:18 am


    I really hope you already knew that.
  4. I think its called necrophilia 8O (or was it necromancy :?: ................... )
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