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i know in benchmarks some programs like FPS are used and gamers like to know which of their games will work best with what hardware... but this doesnt take into MMORPGs or similators, not everyone plays FPS only like FEAR or QUAKE. sure theses are good games that use alot of new stuff. but what happens if some other game is very popular with new technology like DX10 that isnt fear or quake? but we still benchmark with games like fear and quake... games like world of warcraft has a large scale users enough to have an article written about it, but benchmarks only show a select few for FPS. it is known that not all games will make full use of newer hardware. but you think there might be a MMORPG mixed in the benchmarking that keeps up with the newer gaming engines and technology. people may claim FPS uses the newer engines and are amoung the first to use newer versions of DX and OpenGL. but when have you seen a good 100+ or even good 300+ people in a game all doing something that creates special effects which show up on other peoples computers that take up more resources to process. let alone have video settings set for max quality. i have played my share of online games from sims, fps, and mmorpg. i have seen zergs run into each other producing people to crash, freeze, or even destroy some hardware due to the stress it produces. one thing that MMORPGs have that FPS dont is large scale users per server, computer generated characters that move, attack, display beautiful colors and detail, large maps, active weather while online just to name a few. FPS do have their own single player envioment but it doesnt interact with the multi-player enviorment like MMORPGs. point is a maybe a few MMORPG should be included into the benchmarking...
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  1. Thing you have to remember is that an MMOG uses players and not AI, so there is no way you can do a fair benchmark between two different systems. Another reason is MMOGs would not be MMOGs if they needed a lot of horsepower to run. For this reason there is no point benchmarking an MMOG since they will run on more or less anything… Hell I can set WOW at everything maxed out with 6X AA and 16X AF with 1600X1200 and still get 60 – 90fps.

    Basically for comparing hardware, any MMOG would simply just not be good enough. As there would be no way to fairly compare (to any good degree) the results.
  2. IDK what your asking...

    A benchmark that is utilized for MMO games?
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