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I just bought Blazing Angels. I tried playing it on my PC and I could not get it to work. I am running Win XP 64-bit. I got all the patches I could find for 64-bit . Any one had the same problem. If anyone got to fix this problem please let me know. Thank You.
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  1. I just bought that game less than a week ago. Even if you can get it to run you'll quickly find that joysticks are worthless in that game. Check out the forums for the game itself and you'll see.

    The game is a port from XBOX360 and was apparently ported pretty poorly. All the in game training missions tell you to do things like, "pull the left trigger". Well, XBOX controls have those but not joysticks.

    After 2 patches for the game the joystick problems aren't worked out. The game apparently does not recognize joystick movements properly. With the 1.1 update for the game you can trick it into thinking that each movement of the joystick is a "button", but you have no way to make fine motor adjustments while flying. In other words, throttle is full, or off, and you either climb/descend/roll 100% or none. It's quite annoying when trying to dogfight.

    I was quite disappointed in Ubisoft over this one.
  2. And i'll agree with the above poster, and i to have issues like no sound what really gets me is the reviews in magazines like cpu pc gamer ,where giving it a 9/10 , and that was before the patches, i am really, really disapointed.
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