Power problems/monitor problems ?

Mine windows 8 pro x86 rtm,
It sometimes turn off the display and will not turn on back,
I change settings in power option not to turn of the display just put the computer to sleep in 2 hours. But the problem occurs.

Note,it sometimes does turn on the display and sometimes not.
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  1. Display issues when resuming from sleep have 2 main causes:

    1. You need a BIOS update. Check your motherboard manufacturer's website for your board model to see if there are any newer versions of the BIOS that may solve the problem.

    2. Video drivers. Check the video device manufacturer's website for any driver updates that may also help solve the problem.

    If those don't solve it, all I can really suggest is to go into the Power Options, turn off Sleep everywhere, and also get rid of the hibernation file. To remove the hibernation file, open an elevated command prompt (right click the bottom left corner of the screen where the toggle for the Start Screen is located, or hit the Windows key + X on your keyboard) and click "Command Prompt (Admin)". Type the following command (without the quotes) and hibernation will be disabled.

    "powercfg -h off"
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