Nintendo DS to outship Sony PSP by 30% -What a load of crap!

Not that the DS will outsell the PSP this year, but this statement:

"Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP) was the best-selling portable game console in 2005..."

Hello!! do your research, the GameBoy Advanced got 52% of the handheld console market last year, in North America alone.. the PSP did outsold the DS last year, but not the GBA.
In fact the GBA OUTSOLD any other console in the US in 2005, check it out:

NPD 2005 Sales
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  1. It would help a lot if you could post a linky to whoever made that PSP statement you are reacting on, it seems.

    Also, your linky does not make a lot of sense with regard to the issue you seem to want to debate but I will postpone judgement on that until you've made clear why you're actually posting this.
  2. I will give this thread the honorary title of "Who cares?". I make my purchases based on reviews, specs, and my own judgment. I don't make decisions based on "who shipped more".

    Also, a source would be nice.
  3. Just like the Wii, I'm sure the DS can sell more cause of the price.
  4. Please pay some attention to post dates before reviving useless threads.
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