are they going to upgrade the xbox 360 in any way.

as the title says.
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  1. In spring of 2007, they will replace the current 90nm CPU in the xbox 360 to a 65nm SOI CPU. Which will hopefully reduce the heat inside of the xobx360.
  2. there will also be an HDDVD player released for the 360, however it till be external and not required to play games.
  3. 65nm processor, external HD-DVD player for HD movies only, Bigger HD sometime soon.

    they announced that the fall software update for the console will allow the console to output game and movie content in 1080p resolution.
  5. Yup. You open up the box.. and replace the graphics card with a 9800pro. :twisted:
  6. what are you all talkin about?

    i have not heard anything of that sort....

    but if it is upgrading then when is it going to and how will i be able to upgrade my xbox 360 to the newer versions?

    will it cost money or will Microsoft automatically upgrade it for you if you send it in?

    and what are you talking?
    Yup. You open up the box.. and replace the graphics card with a 9800pro. Twisted Evil
  7. Uh...he was joking. :roll:

    1080p support was added in the fall update.

    As every game until then was built without 1080p support in the console, they will all be upconverted from 720p by the Xbox 360. Future games can be built to support it or simply allow the box to upconvert. Same goes for other content.
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