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Dear support,

Trouble installing a AGP Video card to upgrade my HP Pavilion 8490 8490 (D7311A) 128mb/ATI integrated Rage Pro 8mb video system, DVD, CDRW, 500MHZ INTEL CPU integrated DVD and sound.
computer. I purchased a Visiontek Xcstasy Geforce4 Mx 420 that is compatible with my system. I followed the instructions from the HP website and followed instructions and installed the video card. I made the jumper changes etc. and installed the new video card and drivers. Everything was detected correctly and there are no errors in device manager. The video card appears to be functioning properly. However when I start my computer at boot up after the blue HP screen, I see an EMM386.EXE is not installed unable to set page frame address. Afterward, the computer starts and loads Windows 98 slowly. I searched Windows Explorer for EMM386.EXE and the file is there and of the correct size. It is also correctly installed and listed in config.sys along with himiem.sys and the paths are correct. On clean install of Windows 98 from HP recovery CDs. New Video card was installed after the clean install of Windows and the error message didn't show up until after the video card was installed.

How can I fix the EMM386.EXE memory manager problem? Is there something in the system bios that needs to be reconfigured (Perhaps bios video shadowing or something similar)? Or perhaps a bios update? or perhaps a EMM386.EXE address in windows win.ini or system.ini that may need to be changed? The problem starts shortly after Windows tries to load. Below are the instructions you sent me before. I also reseated all video connections and peripheral cards and reseated the memory simm. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Below is all correspondence and HP
link for video card installation instructions.

Thank you, Joseph sorry if this is cross posted I'm not sure if it's motherboard related.


Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 8:18 AM
Subject: Re: hp pavilion 8400 series e-mail support (KMM2968551C0KM)


Thank you for contacting HP's Customer Care e-mail support.

I understand from your e-mail that you would like to disable the onboard
video on your HP Pavilion 8490 system in order to insert a new AGP
Geforce4 MX 420 video card in to the AGP slot on the motherboard.

To disable the onboard video, visit the URL of the page given below.


The Expansion slot specification for your system is as follows.

Type Total Available

ISA: 1 1

PCI: 4 3

AGP: 1 1

You can insert the AGP Geforce video card into the AGP slot.

Install the new video card by following the instruction provided by the
video card manufacturer.

You do not have to plug in any DVD player connections into the new video

To purchase accessories for your Hewlett-Packard product, you will need
to contact a local HP reseller. Please call 800-826-4111 in the USA or
800-387-3867 in Canada to locate your nearest reseller.

For more information on purchasing HP products worldwide, please visit
the following Web site:

Best regards,
HP Customer Solutions Team

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webform_submit_time : Tue Jan 22 2002 14:54:25
webform_url : http://contact.support.hp.com/email/pavilionpc/pav8400
remote_host : atwnt334.external.hp.com
language : English [en]
product_name : hp pavilion 8400 series
first_name : Tracy
last_name : Grant
email_address : jzlako2001@Comcast.net
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country : United States of America [US]
accessory_items : other
error_message :
model_number : HP Pavilion 8490 D7311A
operating_system : Microsoft Windows 98
other_accessory : video card
other_operating_system :
problem_description : Dear support,

I have a HP Pavilion 8490 computer and I would like to upgrade the video
I want to know if I can disable the onboard ATI video card in the bios
and insert the new
AGP Geforce2 video card into the AGP slot on the motherboard?

If I do, do I also have to change the jumpers on the motherboard as
listed in your online support documentation? "The VGA_INT jumper allows
you to enable or disable the onboard VGA. Disable the onboard VGA if you
are using a VGA card in the expansion slot. See Figure 1 above."

I'm hoping to insert the new video card and disabling the onboard video
card and installing the new drivers. Can you tell me what in the DVD
player is plugged into in the motherboard, I'll have to probable remove
it from the motherboard and plug it into the new video card

Thank you, Joseph
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  1. This is why I build my own computers.

    Anyway, forgive me if you've heard all of this already. Turn off all bios features in your bios, like video bios caching and shadowing, and turn agp aperture size down to about 16MB or so. If this doesn't work it could be any number of problems, but try to contact HP again if you can, as they should be the most knowledgeable on this sort of thing. It could possibly be that your video card is damaged, or it just needs a new bios, or that your system bios is configured incorrectly.

    However don't jump the gun yet. Besides HP tech support I would look at microsoft's support database, as that can be very helpful. This may be entirely a windows 98 problem.

    Good luck, hope you can find some more answers.

    Censorship makes us so much more creative.
  2. Thank you all for your help. I stumbled across a solution to the problem myself that may help someone else. What I did was add the /FRAME=NONE to DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE /FRAME=NONE after that everything worked fine!

    Thank you, Joseph
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