Console wars: place your bets!

$10 says:

Nintento Wii outsells them all by Jan 2007
Xbox 360 comes in a close second
PS3 flops until they halve the price late in 2007 :)

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  1. Wow thats disturbingly optimistic of you.

    If you are JUST counting sales between Nov 17 and January 1st then I think you might be right on the pecking order.

    If you are counting total sales.... XBox 360 is clearly going to be on top. They've had over a year as opposed to just over a month to get their sales numbers up.

    I sincerely hope Sony takes a HUGE loss on the PS3 overall. The sheer ego and conciet they have demonstrated in this console war tells me that they (like Nintendo did way back when) need to be taken down a few pegs.

    A large part of my opinion can be summed up by disecting this blurb from the recent twitchguru article.


    Additionally, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are designed to handle much more than gaming. They are built with the intention of being an entire media center for the living room.

    This right here is precisely the problem. I don't want or need anything more than a video game console out of my video game console. I don't care if it can cook, clean, iron my shirts, and scratch my back, I just want to play video games on it.

    The PS3 will integrate a Blu-ray disc player, which not only gives PS3 games a much higher capacity, but it also allows users to watch high-definition movies right out of the box.

    This is just a lie. The PS3 will not come with a required $60+ cable that is needed nor will it come with the absurdly expensive TV required to play movies in HD. Since I currently have neither this is totally irrelevent.
  2. the wii is doing a butt load of other stuff besides games as well. hell i've seen a forcast button on there homepage/startup screen, or what ever they will call it.

    but i think the wii will do alot better then ppl think..
  3. I wouldn't bet on anything because well the Xbox 360 does have the head start but I think the Wii will do great seeing the settup that they have as well as the pice. The Xbox 360 is and will continue to do great here in the US but in Japan I think that it will continue to flop. The PS3 will probly sell out since it will only have 100k systems ready for the first run. So the way I look at it everyone will be fine as long as the PS3 drops its prices like it did in Japan so that the low end system basicly matches price with the prem. Xbox 360. I think Japan will save the PS3 from being DOA but that is still yet to be seen. I think that I will by a PS3 this upcoming summer if the games are good if not Im getting the Wii since I have a new born and in a few years the Wii will be a great system for her. But Microsoft can keep there system since I will not give any money that can be helped to Microsoft since they have enough with out my help :P.
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