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first off, i have a problem that might be hardware related. im trying to install linux mandrake 10 on a p233 128 meg ram system. hard drive is 13 gigs. first off, i ran the install and all was well when i had a 1.2 gig hard drive in it, i got to the point where i found out i didnt have enough space. now i have the 13 gig drive in it and it halts when its looking for packages to install. the mouse and keyboard still respond but its not doing anything, the cd rom is locked up though. i can hear it slowely spinning up and down. i try to eject and it wont let me. every time i hit the eject button the light blinks very fast once. its done this with two drives. ive had issues with this board though but i thought i had them squared away.

now my second question is: why does it want to use two partitions? i made one partition manualy and it told me i dont have a page partition do i want to continue? whats up with that? cs game server -
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  1. I had that problem with mandrake a while back as well. Maybe try to re-burn the cd as it may have been scratched/dusty.

    You need 2 partitions for linux, one is a system partition where the files go, and the other is your swap partition. Windows just creates a file in its system partition for the swap, but this tends to fragment your files a lot. Linux avoids this by having a seperate partition. Just make it 512 MB on that drive and you'll be fine.

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  2. well it finaly decided to install, now its asking me for a disk 4. is the mandrakemove cd the one it wants? i only downloaded cd 1 2 and 3. i thought the other large file was not needed. this is the dir list of the files i donwloaded.

    01/07/2004 04:55PM 646,500,352 MandrakeMove-i586.iso
    03/04/2004 01:40PM 728,651,776 Mandrakelinux-10.0-Community-Download-CD1.i586.iso
    03/04/2004 01:41PM 728,797,184 Mandrakelinux-10.0-Community-Download-CD2.i586.iso
    03/04/2004 01:42PM 728,829,952 Mandrakelinux-10.0-Community-Download-CD3.i586.iso
    03/04/2004 02:50PM 491 Mandrakelinux-10.0-Community-Download.md5sums.asc
    08/19/2003 12:00AM 2,867 README
    01/07/2004 05:49PM 292 move.md5sum.asc cs game server -
    now featuring (optional) cheating death!
  3. You can only get disk 4 through being a member of the Madrake community (which you have to pay to do so). It's sort of a bonus disk. When you install Madrake the first installation screen should ask you which disks you have. By default all four disks will be selected. Deselect Disk 4 and you shouldn't have any further trouble installing.
    Of course once it is install you will be posting messages her every 5 minutes just like me (God damn driver issues....)
  4. didnt ask me about no disks. got it installed now. any one got some good links to learn some stuff about this os? some aspects are a lot different than windows than i expected. cs game server -
    now featuring (optional) cheating death!
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