Virtual desktop- is it possible?

I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate X64. I built my gaming desktop, and my wife has a netbook. Her netbook isn't fast enough to play any of the games on Facebook at more than about 3 frames per second, so she is always on my desktop. I want to know if there is a way I can set up a virtual desktop on a second monitor so she can play her games on Facebook (with her own keyboard and mouse) while I'm playing a real game on the other monitor. I do realize the performance impact this would have, and I'm planning on adding a second 5750, and upgrading to and i7 870. The closest I've come to this is combining 2 screens through W7 and playing a windowed game on one with and Xbox controller. I can't play full screen, or use the keyboard or mouse.
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    I do not think that Windws 7 will allow you a terminal server session. You need a Server for that.

    You should tell your wife to sell the netbook and use that and the cost of upgrading your PC to buy a real laptop.
  2. That's what I figured. I was planning on building her a desktop eventually anyway, so thank you.
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  4. You could try to actually have a virtual desktop for her, by installing another operating system inside a virtual machine, perhaps Microsoft Virtual PC. Then enable remote desktop inside that virtual machine and let your wife do a RDP connection to it from her laptop.
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