Asus P4S533 or Abit IT7

Which one is better for P41.6A? Obviously abit is more expensive but has more features. Asus is cheaper but highly recommended in this forum. I am confused which one to get. I am planning to use it with Samsung 512 PC2700 DDR and some o/c.
Any recomendations, pros/cons?
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  1. I've heard only good things about the P4S533. It is also sussposed to be very fast. I would go with it. In addition, it works excellent with Samsung 2700 memory. It has lots of features, so I'm wondering which ones you want that it dosen't have?
  2. IT7 has USB 2.0 and RAID....
  3. is the SIS chipset as good or better than the Intel 845E chipset in terms of speed, overclocking, and compatibility?

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