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I finally decided to download a demo of Battlefield 2 now that I have a decent rig to play it.

Well the download only lets you play (1) map etc.

So my comp actually ran decent with basically all settings maxed and it actually didn't look anything spactacular. I think a game like NFS MW is nicer then BF2.

So basically my question is, does it get multiple times better with the full version of BF2 then the demo? I also was only playing single player for a few?

Iv'e been thinking about getting BF2 for quite awhile but I wanted to play it first to make sure it was werth 50$, but from playing the demo it didn't look anywhere close to 50$ IMO.

Thanks for any opinions or feedback. Thanks
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  1. The graphics on BF2 are still good by today's standards, but the next wave of shooters, like Crysis, do look better. That said, when I got my new graphics card and turned up the settings to max, everything looked pretty nice to me. I don't know what level of detail you are looking for, but comparing a shooter to a racing game does not seem fair, as both games are trying to accomplish different things.

    In my time with the game, I rarely notice the graphics once a match gets going, although the first time on a new map, I am always impressed.

    To answer your question, yes the game is worth the money because it is just so darn fun. Gameplay takes a front seat in this case.

    On a related note, my concern is that BF2142 will use the same engine, so by the time that game has been out for awhile, I fear the graphics will start to look dated compared to the newer shooters.
  2. Anybody else have any comments?

    Thanks very much.
  3. Finally found this section, it seems as I wasn't able to access this before :p

    I played the BF2 demo for 50 hours according to xfire, I loved it.

    It was the first time I had played a game that let you do so much.

    The only thing I felt I was let down on was the single player.

    Everyone knows that a games single player is key to it's replay ability, and BF2 has failed in that area.

    IMO, AVP2 is better then BF2 in the essence that there are 3 single player modes, all will take more then 10 hours, and are much bigger then the MP maps, with missions!

    I was let down with BF2's single player, sorry if I went over stuff twice, I'm kinda drunk, I was expecting something like battle tanks missions, but no, nothing even close, it's basically the limited multiplayer, but instead of people you have bots.

    I was actually hoping for some sort of convoy with tanks, where you have to defend the tanks, or even bots like NOLF's single player, AVP2's single player, but no, you get these retarted bots.

    IMO I think they purpously do this so that everyone concentrates on multiplayer, and buys ranked servers, EA or whoever is making a ton of money on that.

    I say don't buy it, even though my xfire logs 700+ hours on it, it has terrible single player, and IMO makes it not worth buying.

    I played an old demo of, well I forget what it was, but you flew in with a chopper, and the bot actually waited for you to get out until he left, then you went on with the mission...

    With a game like BF2, and the radio effect, you would think they would implement one of the smartest bot systems to date, but again, I come to the fact that they are pathetic.

    Hope this helps.

    Please don't buy the game, EA is evil IMO.

    Oh, and just so you know, here is the rules of engagement (ROE) which servers, server admins, and players must agree to while playing, hosting, admin'ing servers.

    And another thing, in the normal BF2 maps, people who have the (I think) $30 dollar expansion, SF, short for special forces, can use the unlockable weapons (only available in SF) and pwn you with those, a very unfair advantage, especially with the flash bangs. The flash bangs will blind you for up to 20 seconds I beleive, you tell me whether you think that is fair.

    Another thing, there are camping noobs in tanks everwhere, it's frustrating to see a tank cuddling up to the fountain on jalalabad to cap the flag.

    The demo is much more enjoyable then the full, probly due to the ranked system. I wish they would just get rid of it.

    Please read all of this, and correct me if I'm wrong because I am a little drunk. :P
  4. The graphics look the same. But the other maps look better than Gulf of Oman.
  5. Some people have told me that the full version requires a little bit more then the demo.
  6. Hi, I also was thinking about geting the bf2 but i passes on it after playing the demo for about a week and a half, i wil probably get bf2142, just because its "newer" :wink:, with more unlockables(supposably) , but i think ea will screw it up anyway, but i have to say i liked the demo but i was dissapointed at the visuals(even thou i had all set to max, and with the aa set to max as well(my hardware is in my sig), I expected a bit more from it(based on the overall opinion of people :wink: ), honestly spending 50 for any game is just way 2 much , if it would be maby 30 that would be ok, honestly im more of a multi player (not online) player, i usually have atleast 3 or 4 or more games installed on the hd, and paying 50 for each is just 2 much, thats why i ususally play demos/betas, if i can, and read tons of reviews, honestly i would say wait for teh bf2142 to come out, i used to play bf1942 before i build my new pc more than a week ago, and i loved it, just the planes were an issue there :wink: (everyone tried to just bomb another, but it was nice, and i liked that the demo was not timed :wink: (like it is in bf2), but overall i am a bit disapointed, maby except the visuals when ur bombed, or a granade explodes neer, then the "vision" is distorted, that looks sweet, like "almost a real video"m, but all in all visually its i would say below my expected "norm" gameplay depends if u play with some good people, but i would say the bf series exists mostly because of its replayability not visuals (visualy i liked far cry more singleplayer, that looks amazingly beautiful), i havent played half life 2 yet lol i heard its good as well, but maby later, I actualy preordered bf2142, but im waiting for the demo to come out, and if i wont like it ill just cancel the preorder. also there is a game called call of juarez, i played the demo, visualy it looked nice, much much beter than bf2 but the gameplay was soso....hope this helped a bit

    btw i played the bf2 demo and i asked people which actualy had the bf2 game if it was worth it, the overall response was that the demo was kindof beter(which was weird to me, but i gues thats because of teh weapons mentioned earlier maby), and its beter to wait til bf2142 comes out and not get the bf2, which thats what i planned on doing.
  7. I agree that the demo is better, because you don't have anyone who cares about stats.

    When I first played I was just playing for fun.
  8. I loved the demo, but I'm waiting for them to sell the game and expantion combo for $30 or less before I buy it...I just dont think its worth $50+$30 for the game and expantion
  9. I have already preordered BF2142, and am EXTREMELY excited about it! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    BF2 is definately worth it, and here is a link to where BF2 and the Expansion Pack are 45 bucks.
  10. Quote:
    I have already preordered BF2142, and am EXTREMELY excited about it! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    BF2 is definately worth it, and here is a link to where BF2 and the Expansion Pack are 45 bucks.

    It comes with one expansion, not all 3.

    It's not worth it dude, there is no single player.
  11. Quote:
    I have already preordered BF2142, and am EXTREMELY excited about it! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    BF2 is definately worth it, and here is a link to where BF2 and the Expansion Pack are 45 bucks.

    It comes with one expansion, not all 3.

    It's not worth it dude, there is no single player.

    battlefield has never been about the singleplayer :wink:
  12. That's because there isn't one, which is why it's not worth $50.
  13. Quote:'s not worth $50.

    I agree with you there, personally I think there are very few games these days that are worth $50.
  14. If that redid BF1942 with DirectX 9 graphics, that would be a treat.

    I had more fun playing '42 than BF2. It required a lot of skill to be a good dogfighter, tanker or artillery (ship or land). The only thing in BF2 that takes skill is playing infantry or flying a helo, and that's not really difficult. You had to know how to hit tanks, and use manueverability, and aim, and so on...

    And sea battles were awesome when you were playing organized games...oh the Saturday afternoons I wasted with my Global-Conflict pals...
  15. i agrie with some posts above the "normal" just acording to the devs prove for games which is usually that $50 is just ridiculus, no one as the sash nowedays to get that 5 or 6 games (or whatever amount often) like t was in the past, when a game did cost max 39.99, and the games are just geting worse, i mean what hapened to the replayability as we saw in many older games? :cry:, iv been playing bf2 the demo for a while now and honestly i have to say the game is nice if ine plays it with good people, that is not nobie morons that that try to blow u up, or shoot at You just because u got to the pane/chopper/tank/jeep before they did, even thou u are on the same team/squad, or just for fun decide to throw at u some granades, lol atleast some servers have the team kill of so that helpes lol but some situations in which lets say ur atacking the enemy and out of nowhere ur teammate just somes upstreight at u and shoots you are just %$#!@*&%#
    In reagards to bf2142, and bf2 i think ill go with the 2142, overall the graphisc will be the same, and hopefully the bugs form bf2 will be fixed in 2142(or hopefully they wont come up with many new ones lol), the price is quite the same (almost) for both but i guess more people will play 2142, so the "longevity" of multiplayer matches should increase by atleast a year or so, because bf is all about multiplayer lol so i gues thats important. I think the bf2142 unlocks /upgrades system is just way way overblown (that is in ea advertising) they say u can get what 1500 combinations or such but if u look at it from the math point its what 4 main unit types, which each gets about 5 or 6 (max in my opinion) upgraded weapons, add 2 or 3 types of granades(regular, smoke, emp), and ad couple medic/ammo packs, a knife, and those 2 or 3 aditional "leade" upgrades (that cloak, minigun, or the hovering support thing) ad 2 more stamina upgrades(time extension and regeneration increase) and there is not so much of adons in reality, and one wil only be able to use 3 or 4 of all of these at a time, so its not much :cry:
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