Free old school games for Wii?

Didn't Nintendo said they will have the old school games free to download for Wii's virtual console, why are they charging $5 - $10 bucks now for them?? I don't get it. Someone enlighten me.
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  1. Quote:
    Didn't Nintendo said they will have the old school games free to download for Wii's virtual console, why are they charging $5 - $10 bucks now for them?? I don't get it. Someone enlighten me.

    i've been watchin the wii for a while and i have not heard anything about those games being free.
    Could u plz post a link of where you have seen that?
  2. I remember I've seen it somewhere, I can't find it now...
    But seriously, we bought old school games back when we were little, why do we have to buy them again right now? They already made enough money for those games, now they are trying to charge them again... come on...
  3. you are right, but we can't change anything!!
    if you bought it back in the days, you schould have them now, so you can play them on the old console and mustn't buy them again!!!
  4. Because the world has learned from our capitalism.. but.. it also takes a lot of cash money to keep servers up and running allowing 24/7 downloads of their entire collection of old games.

    Yes.. i do remember reading that they would offer free downloads for their old games. Link no? Making this up.. not a bit. But it doesn't matter.. i never expected that to be true because no company would give a great idea away for free..

    But! 5-10 dollars for those games is bullshit. Nintendo games should cost no more than 2 dollars.. and same goes with super nintendo. I can understand n64 costing 5-10.. but i don't know if they are going to allow n64 downloads.

    Either way.. i have never been this excited about trying to get a console system.
    I don't care for halo so i have no reason for an xbox 360, and I don't need to spend 600 dollars to play tekken for a few hours and then go back to my pc. My old ass PC spits on the ps3, and i justify spending my 280 bucks on a Wii just because Zelda, Metroid, and any mini games i can play online against friends is worth it.
    I do care about graphics, but I could spend 600 dollars on a video card in 2 months and have better graphics 8O , so no point in wasting it.
  5. Wine wine wine. It's 5 bucks! A lunch! Who cares?! I'm already doing that on the Xbox 360 for re-releases and new IPs and I can tell you, I've got no problem at all paying 5-10 dollars for a Nintendo game that I know is going to be good. Besides, they cost that much when you buy them used anyway, and more when they're rare.

    The cost is more than Nintendo cashing in on outdated content. As you stated yourself, online service isn't cheap. Plus, someone has to make sure everything's working properly (test labs cost money) and ensure that we continue to recieve new content (research and deals cost money). Not to mention that not every customer is going to dive into the marketplace as much as we will. Besides, did you honestly think the Wii is going to turn the company around to #1 status? They need to make as much money as they can on this system if they're going to remain competitive in the future. I want them to, and so do you, so I'll support them as best I can, with my wallet.

    I'm done ranting now. :wink:
  6. will be very better if Nintendo doesn't charge anything
  7. I'm in the media and it was never stated by Nintendo that the games from the classic systems would be free. If any site/mag/news agency reported it, they made it up.

    As Johanthegnarler tated, the games must be hosted on servers for download. Don't forget they need to be recoded and advertised as well.

    Some titles will soon have extras beyond the originals including updated graphics and online play (no titles have been announced merely that it's something that is going to happen Q1 next year since that is when the official servers for Wii online play launch).

    Also, N64 titles are available. As are Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16 and Commodore 64 titles.

    Keep in mind that not everyone that plays games now played them back then and many that will download them now never had them to start with.

    Think of it another way. If you bought a VHS movie in 1990, do you really think the movie studio is going to allow you to have the same movie now for free just because they put it on DVD?
  8. well, looking that way you are absolutely right, and 5 or 10 bucks, isnt so much hehehe , but for free will be better!!! hehehe
  9. Quote:
    Also, N64 titles are available. As are Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16 and Commodore 64 titles.

    Really? I haven't heard anything about C64 games on Wii. No mention of it on the site. Since you say your "in" the media, is this a leak? :wink:

    jk about the leak, but I am curious if they will have C64 games.
  10. I and several other media outlets reported it months ago. It didn't catch many readers attention considering the popularity of the old console with the current gaming community isn't very high so it's understandable that it slipped through the cracks.

    It's not listed yet as no games for it are currently in development. They've merely gained the rights to publish some C64 games on VC.
  11. Easy. I have to buy a new SNES at Jay Street Gaming when I get the money. And yes there are old school video game stores where you can buy SNES, NES, N64, all of the old games (INCLUDING ATARI) only advantage is that their way cheeper than back in the day. Basically, what's going on is all though these games are way out of style, the creator would still want his or her credit for the creation. Do you think that koji kondo,(creator of the super mario music) would want no money for what is partly his product when he helped create it? No. He would want money regardless. Would you let someone sell your product with out your credit? No. So that's what is going on. Sadly. I still don't find a point in it though even though I understand it perfectly fine. But atleast they're way cheeper than back in the day. Besides, if you think $5 - $10 is expensive,...
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