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Simple question... does an ATI X1400 Radeon have enough muscle to play WoW at a decent resolution/frame rate. That's all my Dell laptop has to work with... I know it'll run fine on my desktop, but I don't believe I'd play it very often being confined to my desk.

The laptops other specs... 1.66 Core Duo and 1 GB of RAM... it's mainly the video I'm worried about. Anyone with first hand experience with WoW and a similar setup?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. I'm going to bump this one since I have the exact same question. I am really wondering whether the X1400 will be capable of running it or if you really have to upgrade to the geforce 7800 GS for like $200.
    Yeah, so if anyone either have first hand knowledge or just knows (psychic or something)... please help both of us :)
  2. Update: I downloaded the free 10 day trial and it runs absolutely great on my laptop... better than anything I ever imagined possible. Yes, I know it's a dated game with limited graphics... but I still wasn't expecting it to run like this. Maybe that X1400 was worth the cost of the upgrade.
  3. Just for info:

    I played WoW for about a year on my old system thats got a AGP ATI8500

    And the thing that made the most difference....upgrating from 512mb ram to 1gig was like....... erm, robin reliant to porsche.
  4. Well, my laptop had 1 GB all along so I can't really relate.
  5. For MMOs you really need alot of ram. The video card that you have should be good enough, since WoW dont look so great anyways. You just need a good amount of ram cuz when there's 200+ ppl on screen its gonna be a memory hog.
  6. Well, I've never seen the application take up over 300 MB in the task manager... but I haven't paid it too much attention either. If I didn't have enough memory, I'd be punished twice because laptops generally have slower HDs than desktops. I got a 5400 RPM drive in this laptop that can't compare to the 10k Raptor in my desktop.
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