VGA CArd and HDD Not detected on System start-up

Hi People,
I got a new HDD (IBM DeskStar 76.8 GB) and a MSi Geforce 4 -64 MB DDR Graphic CArd. Now both this hardware cannot be detected in the OS. Please Tell me a possible solution for this.I can See the Drive and the Card in the OS.

Now the Card doesnt gets detected when the System Boots-Up like other Cards do is one of the Problem i m facing here.

Now the biggest Problems i m having is that when i try to play Games in
640*480*16 upto 1024*768*32 any of the above Resolutions my machine Reboots :(.
I m not able to play any of the Games,,Games in which machine gets Rebooted is

Soldier of Fortun II - Double Helix
Grand Theft Auto 3
PeterPans Adventure in NEver Lands
Microsoft MotoCrossMadness.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
and almost any other Game i play.
I also does hangs or Reboots when i m play my 3D ScreenSavers. :(

I didnt had problems playing ScreenSavers in my old Asus v3000 ZX 8 Mb Card.

I simply cant do anything with my new CArd.:(
I have finally tried re-insalling the OS with the latest Drivers for my CArd frm the Site and also latest Direct X from
Now i have Win98 on 2 machines and Win2K on other machine.
Still Problem Exists,

If someone am0ngst u inteliigent people can help me ouit would be really really ThannkFul to U :)

I even tried mailing MSI thrice but no response from those people..
If u can talk to me on ICQ : 83861452
or msn :
or yahoo : rahul_bbbay@yahoo.

My system Configuration
My Machines Configurations.
P-III 450 MHz
Asus ZX MotherBoard.
ATX Cabinet
all with 256 MB Ram
and a Samtel Samsung 15" Monitor

Is there Anyway i can upgrade my System BIOs
I m having Award Modular Bios v4.51 PG

Please Give me the exact Location of Drivers to upgrade my BIOS.

Thanking you in Advance
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  1. hey, you may have already tried this, but check out your bio on the board, it doesnt seem to be an os problem just a bios/componant problem, the card my be configured to run at 2x or 4x agp and the board my not beable to down step or step up with the card, so try looking into your bios, maybe even getting the latest bios upgrade (wish is tricky and hard). Then check out the bios on the card... and driver versions. Direct X will not nessesarly matter in this situation. Then you should also check out the opengl settings in your configs. see if that is updated and installed correctly. Also some bios can be configed so you would not see the card on bootup, its lets wondows controll the detection for cater boot time. Other than that check you device manager for divers and irq conflicts, maybe the card has a conflict and cannot load the correct drivers to support those games becuase it is running at a default setting.

    Just some things you should look,

    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet get smaller.
  2. Hello m8,
    Thnx for ur Reply..
    I have checked and updated latest Open GL Drivers.
    There is no conflict in the System Device Manager.
    My Entire OS runs without Any porblems unless and until i start playing Games....

    Upgrading my Bios .
    Now this is really really tough me......
    Dunt know anything about this.. :(
  3. well
    my only advice would be is to call techsupport if you dont know anyting about doing this, its a make or break proccess, Ive done it a few times now but the first time i did it was a holy terror. So just be careful.! Look for any documentation on bio/upgrading and back up


    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet get smaller.
  4. You're having trouble with the drive also? Sounds like a power supply problem, what power supply do you have?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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