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Linux Capabilities

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April 1, 2004 1:32:34 PM

I am interested in Linux as an OS.Having been with AT&T and using Unix(sparingly) in its infancy,i know some(!) of its capabilities.however,an article made it clear that Linux is not for gamers.I am NOT a gamer,but I use my desktop extensively for MUSIC(making,editing,etc).I also do some research on the net and some text stuff(word,notepad etc).
is Linux a viable product for these functions? also,does Linux have 'sed' and is Knoppix a good way to try Linux? thank you.

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April 2, 2004 1:03:11 AM

Knoppix is an excellent way to try linux out for sure. You can do almost everything in linux that you can in windows, and then there's some stuff you can only do in linux as well. I'd say it could fit your needs nicely, but definitely try out knoppix first to see :) 

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April 2, 2004 8:00:56 AM

Linux is not yet good for music making, but people are working on it. Otherwise Linux is a full featured Unix with sed and awk etc, except that it's not Unix of course.

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April 3, 2004 4:44:55 AM

The day-to-day stuff like office and web is fine. Sed is a pretty standard utility on Linux. As for music, there's a ton of apps, but not being a muso I can't really judge the quality. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> might be of interest though, and check <A HREF="" target="_new">FreshMeat</A> for music apps too.

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April 7, 2004 4:13:54 PM

Contrary to what most people say, linux is an excellent source for sound editing and encoding. If all you are doing is multimedia type're in for a treat. Once you get everything configured, Linux Rawks for sound. It just takes patience and knowledge...which most people have little of.

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April 27, 2004 4:48:42 PM

Wave Editing and format encoding is simple enough, but music making on computers usually means sequencing and there are no good alternatives yet. ALSA is still buggy and slow, MusE is pure midi, and tracker is very simple, at least compared to Cubase, Sonar, ACID etc. JAZZ is decent, but still just for simple hobby use.

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